Psychological adjustments in early childhood

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Psychological Adjustments during early and middle adulthood ShaRhonda WashingtonPsychological Adjustments during early and middle adulthood It is a fact that aside from physical changes, there are also intrinsic changes that individuals go through throughout the periods of early and middle adulthood. These changes range from likes and dislikes, to the extent of the individual’s perception of the world. Also during this time period there are changes in the way the individual views relationships and an evolution to said relationships. Furthermore, there are also role changes that occur throughout this time period; an individual usually develops the need or passion to give themselves to another person, as an individual, and are less oriented b themselves. But, with all of these constant changes, there are also positive and negative effects which stem from the habits-whether or otherwise-which have been picked up throughout this forever changing time in a person’s life. When in the early adulthood stages, people usually have already developed a sense of autonomy and logic, for the most part. In the early adulthood stages a person is usually trying to find a mate, and this can be best illustrated by Erikson’s theory of Intimacy vs. Isolation. Also, unlike the majority of all other psychological stages that have been previously passed, the early adulthood stage can easily last up to fifteen years. This is because establishing and keeping intimate relationships is so difficult that about half of the population gets hung up in this single area for too long and thus taking time need by other psychological facilities. Also, people in early adulthood have trouble developing who they are as individuals, and their true place in the world. Basically, in this psychological sage individuals struggle between maintaining their individuality while also venturing out into the world to discover what they would really like to do with themselves. In middle adulthood, these problems...
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