Topics: Les Misérables, Jean Valjean, Javert Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: March 5, 2013
The movie Les Miserables is a novel written by Victor Hugo published in 1862. It is considered the one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century.
The movie is about man, Jean Valjean, who experienced corruption and injustice in many years. When he was given a chance to live freely, he saw God. His blinded heart transformed. This remained in him throughout the story. Love and justice reigns in his heart whatever happened. Story/Screenplay

The main character of the movie is Jean Valjean. He was imprisoned for nineteen years because of stealing bread for his sister’s son. After given a parole, he was free but the people treat him as an outcast because of his yellow ticket-of-leave. He met a kind-hearted bishop who offered him food and bed, and repays him by stealing some silver in the house. The policemen caught Jean and brought him back to the bishop. Jean Valjean told the policemen that the silvers were given by the bishop, but they don’t want to believe him. The bishop told the policemen that he was the one who gave those silvers and gave another two silver candlesticks. After that moment, Jean Valjean knew God. That moment touched his heart; he decided to change his life. After eight years, Valjean broke his parole and changed his name to Monsieur Madeleine. He became a Mayor and factory owner. There was a time when the Javert, the inspector, recalled Jean Valjean and realized it was Monsier Madeleine. He filed a case against the mayor and accuses Monsieur as an ex-convict. This starts the conflict of Jean Valjean. He thought if he would give up his wealth for the right. He was unable to see an innocent man go to prison in his place, so he confessed to the court that he was a prisoner. Another conflict arose because he needed to escape from the policemen and hide. In the last part of the story, people were plotting revolution against the government because of corruption. Many people died from the hands of the army. Javert killed himself....
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