Prudent Mother Squirrl

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Prudent Mother Squirrel
“If I ask you directly: is there one mother among thousands of mothers, one wife among thousands of wives, who could be have as Nora behaves, who would desert husband, children, and home merely in order to become ‘a human being’? I answer with conviction: no and again no!”, says theatre manager M.W. Brun on the world premier December 21, 1879, in the anthology “Readings on A Doll’s House” by Hayley Mitchell, where essayist Elaine Baruch responds to Mr. Brun (32). Mr. Brun as many others criticize Nora for her decision to leave her children behind. Advocates with the chief concern for the children believe she should stay home for the sake of leaving the children motherless. Others with the same concern believe her quest to find herself is worth leaving Helmer, but she should take the children with her. In 1879, when Henrik Ibsen wrote A Doll’s House society was not built for women to thrive and her options where more narrow and complicated. Ultimately, with the focus of on the children, Nora did what was best for them by leaving to fulfill her aspirations as a woman, due to the limitations as a person, woman in society, and her motherly duties.

was not accessible restricted independent from favored independent women, Nora is also criticized as fallen hero and mother for leaving her children. Today the idea of Nora leaving her oppressive relationship with her children is more feasible due to the ever more increasingly successful single mothers in our society. This is in partly due to our helpful society towards single parents. In 1879, when author Henrik Ibsen wrote A doll’s House this option was very unlikely. Nora’s few options. as Mr. Brunt feels. [Nora’s situation is complex, and her options of ] Nora’s situation is complex, but in Nora’s quest to find herself is a great necessity she needs. The truth is that when thinking about whats best for the children we arrive that Nora’s decision to leave without them is the best. that...
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