Pros and Cons of Surrogacy

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Pros and Cons of Surrogacy
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Thesis statement: However, they still need to be conscious of the advantages and disadvantages of surrogacy that has brought to them as well as the surrogate mother. There are several advantages and disadvantages that the intended parents must consider before they decide on surrogacy. Advantages

provide an alternative to adoption
procedure options
lifelong relationship with the surrogate mother
high cost
time consuming
different of opinions and control
legal issues
Conversely, for a woman decides to be a surrogate mother, she needs to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages
experience great joys
financial compensation
lifelong relationship with the intended parents
uncomfortable medical tests
putting health at risk
emotional or psychological problems
Pros and Cons of Surrogacy
How suffer is it for women unable to get pregnant? In Harymurti et al.’s (2007) article about the low birthrate in Japan, women are blamed for the responsible to give birth as Hakuo Yanagisawa, the minister of health, labor and welfare in Japan, had labeled them as the “birth-giving machines”. Although women have the responsibility to give birth, some of them might face some difficulties. This can be proven by a survey done by Keefer. In United States, there are about 10 percent of women between ages 15 to 44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant (Keefer, n.d.). Unfortunately, women have the ability to get pregnant, but some of them are unable or unwilling to get pregnant. This is because they are facing some health problems or worrying about their body shapes will get distorted. Anyway, the desire of having their own child would not exterminate, especially for the infertile couples. Thus, surrogacy provides a way for them to have a child by using a third party to carry the child until birth. To...

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