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Prop 8

By caitlinishellacool Mar 19, 2014 845 Words

One of the latest gay marriage rights support polls I found online recorded that 41% support gay marriage, 47% oppose to it, and 10% were unsure. Another way I think about it, there are about 584,391 openly gay couples and over 1.2 million single gays here in America. Gay marriage should be legal in all states because it is in no way detrimental to our government or our society. Its unethical and immoral to allow only some Americans that right, marriage is a constitutional right not a privilege. I support gay marriage except I just call it marriage. I took a nap today, not a gay nap. I went to school this morning, not to “gay” school, just school. "Regular" marriage and "Gay" marriage are like bikini tops and bras. The exact same thing, but only one is allowed in public.

There are many reasons why we have the Bill of Rights and one of them is to create equal protection amendments. Denying marriage to a homosexual couple is not anymore different than denying marriage between a Hispanic, Black or any other minority couple. Rejecting homosexual couples is a violation of religious freedom and minority discrimination. What right does the government have to say in who can’t get married? Would you like it if people vote for your marriage? I didn’t think so, its obviously unfair for strangers that have never met you in your life to chose your future. Its very likely and very much proven through evidence and research that homosexuality is genetic. Is the government going to ban unfertile or disable people from getting married too? Our country is supposed to be based on Liberty, Justice, and Equality, not pure ignorance.

How is it that 2 men or 2 women getting married or loving each other is physically or emotionally damaging someone or effecting the society? Exactly it doesn’t and it shouldn’t affect anyone that has absolutely nothing to do with the couple’s marriage. Probably somewhere in Massachusetts a gay couple got married right? I woke up this morning still breathing, went to school still doing my work, the bell still rang dismissing us, ate a great dinner, did my homework, showered and went to bed. They didn’t ruin my day, them getting married didn’t stop me from breathing, distract me from doing my work, from eating a meal, etc. Them getting married didn’t stop me from living my life, and I’m pretty sure your still breathing while reading this. People need to get over it and only worry and focus on themselves. “It’s a sin” okay then why do you care? Like are you the one going to hell. You know what, some people don’t even believe in God how dare you shove your religious beliefs down their throat. But that’s a whole different subject.

There are doctors, lawyers, policemen, firefighters, counselors, soldiers, veterans, siblings, and even coworkers that are gay. There isn’t any such thing as a “traditional marriage” in the United States. The definition of marriage has changed completely over the past years. There are plenty “traditional” families that don’t do a good job raising their children and bunch of homosexual families and couples that could raise children just as well or even better! The people that oppose to it should seriously give up, get a clue and stop being so ignorant about it.

There are over 30 thousand suicides a year, that’s one suicide each 17 minutes and for every completed suicide there is an estimate of about 100 to 200 attempts. Kids rejected by their parents are 8 times more likely to kill themselves. And these numbers just reflect those who have reported the abuse, think of the LGBT teens ditching school, not going to work, not making good grades because they are too worried about being bullied. Our political and religious group leaders tell the LGBT community that they have no future. That they can’t get married, they can’t donate blood, and they can’t serve our country openly and not even allowed to adopt children that were abandoned by straight people in some states. I guess its better to be abandoned then having two mothers. 60% of American think homos “choose” to be gay. Like they chose to get bullied, they chose to have strangers vote on whether or not you get to marry whomever you love, and if you chose to be gay that mean you were born straight?

I’m pretty sure I’ve given you a good amount of reasons why Prop 8 should be banned completely. There are many great people out in this world that are being harmed for liking the same sex, and its not even that big of a deal. Some people like having control of other people, it makes them feel better, but there have been suicides, murders, and hatred all over the world. And America the land of the free is the only country banning it? I thought we were better than that and fought for what is right, not amongst each other.

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