Project Tiger

Topics: Tigers, Project Tiger, Conservation reliant species Pages: 4 (742 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Project Tiger, launched in 1973-74, is
one of our most successful
conservation projects in recent
times. The project aims at tiger
conservation in specially constituted
'tiger reserves, which are
representative of various bio-
geographical regions within the
country. Is committed to maintaining
a viable population of tigers in the
An estimate of the population of
tigers in India at the turn of the
century, placed the figure of 40,000.
Subsequently, the first tiger census
in India was conducted in 1972
revealed the existence of only 1827
tigers. various pressures in the
second half of last century led to the
gradual decrease in the desert,
destroying vital habitat of the tiger.
At the meeting of the IUCN General
Assembly in New Delhi in 1969,
serious concerns have been
expressed about the threat to many
species of wildlife and the shrinkage
of natural areas of the country. In
1970 a national ban on tiger hunting
was imposed in 1972 and the
Wildlife Protection Act came into
force. A task force was then
established to formulate a plan for
tiger conservation with an ecological
The project was launched in 1973,
and the tiger reserves were created
in the country on a strategy of "core-
buffer". The main sectors were
exempted from any kind of human
activity and buffer zones have been
subjected to "land use to conserve."
Management plans were developed
for each tiger reserve, based on the
principles set out below:
1. Elimination of all forms of human
exploitation and biotic disturbance
from the central and rationalization
of activities in the buffer zone.
2. Restricting the habitat
management only to repair the
damage caused to the eco-system by
human interference and the other in
order to facilitate the recovery of the
ecosystem to its natural state.
3. Monitor changes in flora and
fauna over time and conduct
research on wildlife.
Initially, 9 tiger reserves were
established in different States...
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