Project Sequence Model

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DVA 2601
Assignment 2
The traditional project cycle
MacAthur’s project sequence model
The participatory project management cycle
Then discuss which one of them is best suited to ensure that learning takes place and that project planning improved. According to Cusworth and Franks (1993:3) a project is the investment of capital in a time bound intervention to create productive assets. Capital will be referring to both human resources and physical resources and the productive refers to the outputs or end results of the project. A project can refer to vast array of development initiatives, ranging those designed to enhance through project intended to establish new organizational forms and sets of procedures ,for instance for delivering health care more efficiently ,to project takes place over a particular time (time-bound ),it is intended to achieve a specific objective or set of objectives .There is two broad approaches to project planning namely directive (linear) interactive learning process The traditional project cycle is the directive project cycle ,and is sometimes called the blueprint planning .Detailed plans are drawn up in advance and implementation occurs in a linear ,sequential fashion .Project decisions taken during design and implementation are relatively pure and can be made into terms of a few controllable variables ,usually of a quantitative nature. The traditional project cycle is based on that assumption and does not easily accommodate any deviations. Deviations such as scope change request can cause major upheavals in the project schedule. The project planning and management is viewed as a cyclic process. The advantage of this model is that it provides for a number of phases designed in such a way as to link the formulation of basic policy guidelines to specific projects and programmes . The project cycle is the framework used by the world bank to design ,prepare ,implement and supervise projects.In practice ,the Word...
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