Project On Environmental Analysis On Automobile Industry

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SUBJECT :- Business Environment

Project on Environmental analysis on automobile industry (commercial vehicles)

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Academic year: 2010.

Submitted on: 30/09/2010

|Sr no |topic | |1 |Industry overview (introduction) | |2 |Internal and external environment | |3 |Economic environment | |4 |Political & Legal environment | |5 |Natural environment | |6 |Demographic environment | |7 |Technological environment | |8 |Socio Cultural environment | |9 |International environment | |10 |challenges | |11 |future projection | |12 |Conclusion |...

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Industry overview
Commercial Vehicles form an essential part of the Indian automobile industry. They are manufactured in various models and designs, and are used for transporting industrial outputs and other commodities to their allocated destinations.
Commercial Vehicles Industry in India has witnessed speedy growth post independence and at present is considered as one of the flourishing sector of Indian economy. As per statistics, the expansion in commercial vehicles sales in 2009 stood at 92.6% besides witnessing a decline in product prices by 20% in the first quarter of FY 10 assisting the CV industry growth.
The steady development in Commercial Vehicles Industry has lead to cutthroat rivalry among the various Commercial Vehicles Manufacturers in India. To survive in the competitive market every CV manufacturer is coming up with something new yet affordable to meet the Indian market requirement. A customer can now select among the various commercial vehicle deluging the markets in reasonable rates
The Indian Commercial Vehicle (CV) Industry is the lifeline of the economy. Approximately 66% of the goods and 87% of the passenger traffic in the country moves via road. Past trends have shown that CV demand is closely correlated with GDP growth rate (more strongly with the Index of Industrial Production, IIP) of the country and therefore, it is believed that a growth or slowdown in CV demand is harbinger of an upturn or down turn in the economy respectively.
The industry has moved towards more usage specific vehicles. The developing road infrastructure is giving a push to a modern Hub & Spoke model of distribution of goods, which in turn is changing the kind of vehicles being deployed for goods transportation.
The Industry is now witnessing a clear segmentation in demand, with vehicles >16.2 tonnes (M&HCVs & Multi Axle vehicles) being used for transportation on the highways there is an increasing demand for luxury buses from the private players unlike earlier when the demand used to be largely driven by the State Transport Undertakings.and
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