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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background Information
In our daily life, we use mobile phones to communicate with each other. Mobile communication become wider nowadays. The history of mobile communication began in year 1958 in Germany, where the A1 net was established (Dane Marjanovic, 2010). The evolution of mobile phones is greatly influenced the development of mobile communication around the world. The usage of mobile phone is not common in early 90’s, but become a trend in 21st century. Even students of primary school use mobile phone nowadays to interact with their friends. In Malaysia, the developments of mobile communication also influence the students to have their own mobile phones. Budde (2010), said that the mobile market in Malaysia has been more spectacular, jumping from 3 million subscribers in 1999 to reach around 28 million by end-2008. Mobile phones become a priority among the students as most of them spend their leisure time with their mobile phone activities. Moreover, the communication companies in Malaysia such as Maxis, Celcom and Digi compete with each other to promote the lowest price of their service provider to attract people to subscribe. The most benefited from this situation are the students because they can get special offer and promotion whenever they subscribe to certain service provider. This scenario also attracts the students to have their own mobile phones as they can communicate easily and can save their budget. The price of the mobile phone also contributes to the increases in number of mobile phone users among students.

Sandip Das(2011) , The Chief Executive Officer, Maxis said, "We are very excited with this achievement. Over the last 2 years we have worked hard at revamping our system, modernising our network, creating new transmission and building our IP networks to prepare ourselves for the surge in demand for data and broadband. The strength and quality of our coverage will help bring to life the rich content, applications, downloads and relevant services that Maxis can offer, across a wider footprint than any other service provider in Malaysia. Maxis provided 2 plans which is postpaid plans and prepaid plans. For those who want to share the love with their family, they can apply “Family Plus 30”,”Value Plus Family”. Moreover, for those who want to keep their close ones near, they are advise to apply “Value Plus Internet 30”. Telenor ASA(1995)”DiGi became the first telco in Malaysia to launch and operate a fully digital cellular network. For Digi prepaid plan they provide DIGI easy prepaid, DIGI best prepaid, DIGI prepaid smart plan, prepaid blackberry plans. For the Digi postpaid plans it consist of DIGI postpaid plus, and DG smart plan. The customer will enjoy even more rewards from Digi. We can enjoy even more reward from Digi.For prepaid specials,get extra talktime with Reload Bonus and Birthday Bonus. Furthemore, postpaid specials also give reward for customers by earning BonusLink Points for every ringgit you spend with Digi. Digi organise a contest such as DIGI ComicStrip Contest, visit Digi on Facebook and join Running Bob on his adventures to win great prizes.

Celcom Axiata Berhad, DBA Celcom(2006), is the oldest mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia. Celcom is one of a member of the Axiata group of companies. Being one of the very few companies in Malaysia to originally obtain a cellular phone license, it successfully introduced mobile telephony in Malaysia through its ART-900 (Automatic Radio Telephone) service, using first generation (analogue) System) specifications of the United Kingdom, a derivative of the US-AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) technology. The ETACS ART-900 was started using the prefix "010". Celcom now uses the dialling prefix identifier of "013" and "019" and offer digital GSM (Groupe Speciale Mobile), an originally European standard, now largely a world standard for mobile communications. Through the Mobile Numbering Portability by the...
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