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What is a Project Manager?

1.What skills does he/she require to become a good project manager? A project manager is an inventive problem-solver, team-builder and steady leader in the organization. Project Manager should have technical as well as management skills. Project Manager is responsible for the administration of the contract within the agreed terms and conditions. He has overall responsibility for completion within time and budget. A single point of contact for formal communication between Organization and Client, he is responsible for ensuring that the organization remains responsive to the Client’s requirements.

2.What are Hard & soft skills? Name at least 10 of each?
The best Project Manager would have the deep understanding and ability to accomplish the following: Hard Skills
Structured Project Plan
Work Breakdown Structure
Project schedule
Dependency network
Define resource requirements
Manage and monitor Budget
Manage and monitor project plan
Preparing of various achievement reports
Establish, implement and manage Configuration management, documentation management, product management,. Establish and implement team culture within his assigned project

Soft Skills
Should identify communication channels and have excellent communication skills Should establish mutual trust with his team members
Commitment to success
A good listener and articulator
Problem solving

3.What is the first thing a Project Manager should do when starting a project

The first few things a project manager should be well aware of the project definitions which include the overall objective, scope, risk, approach, budget etc. Once he is aware of all those facts, then only he can plan the project to the optimum level. A reasonable amount of buffer time should be kept in hand so that the project doesn’t fall behind designated milestones.

4.Name four to five problems that project managers & team members need to overcome for success? The various problems the Project Manger faces are as under : Challenge 1: Ever-changing and vague project scope:

Fickle customers can be hassle. Due to stakeholders passive interference it takes longer than expected to complete as well as accomplish the goals. Scope once completed becomes the foundation for the rest of the planning. It also becomes the basic criteria to determine if the project has been completed successfully. The project might unfortunately begin with nebulous objectives and milestones. The Project manager should narrow down the scope while understanding stakeholders needs. This further reduces the likelihood of risk. Challenge 2: Development of staff gaps and people management difficulties : Team always has one or two members playing crucial role in the teams success. Those persons loss due to shifting them on other projects by organizational management can slow down the project and may jeopardize it. Such persons are identified by the mangers during the initial stage of the project and the work is structured in a fashion that rest of team members may be cross-trained to fill these roles should there be any vacancies occur for whatever reason. Hence project managers need to backup the key persons so there will be someone familiar with the project. Moreover the as a project manager, managing a project in a functionally oriented organization one of the difficult challenge is getting team members overcome inherent tendency to think and act of optimizing their own discipline, technical field or department.

Challenge 3: Client commucation is slow :
It is impossible to accomplish the given task if you don’t get answers from the person you are working with. On the other hand there will be a good impression of your response rate if the work is done a bit ahead of time. In such a case project manager can proceed with what he thinks is best on initial understanding of the customer needs....
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