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Heineken Beer

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Executive Summary

Our purpose of the research is to help Heineken to reposition of their market to avoid sale decline through target right customer to understand their real attitude of beer. In order to provide the right market mix of Heineken to increase the market share. In the overall research, our research question is what factors cause the sale decline of Heineken. Firstly, we understand the external environment from the Macro-environment and through Microenvironment to understand the competitors of Heineken.

There are two reasons pointed out Heineken need to reposition, 1. The Full Smoking Ban Ordinance allow entertainment beer sales decline, 2. Beer market‘s Product life cycle is in growth stage, but Heineken‘s brand share decline.

Research process
Through the pilot study, we basically understand customer’s behavior, attitudes to prepare the final questionnaires. Though questionnaires’ data analysis, we identify our segment include the below attributes, The feel of smell, sweetness, awareness and package are important for the male at the age level of they is 18-24. Besides, they will rather drink in pub, which the education level is below Secondary, Associate Degree &Higher Diploma. The level of education of this segment considerate on bubble and smell will be different. Their attribute scores toward smell and density

The most correlation is Awareness /sweetness; their feeling towards Carlsberg and Heineken’s attributes correlation has the same correlation with Awareness / smell. When choosing beer they are mainly base on personal preference The means- end knowledge of segment is based on functional consequences that are smell, sweetness, and awareness and package which help to think about their psychosocial consequence, which is about their core value of carefree, freshness, happy and ice-cold.

Marketing Mix Strategy
Product: redesign the package to reduce the Confusion between Carlsberg and Heineken. Heineken re-developed the taste of the product, which in line with our target customer. Promotion: We suggest advertisement and poster related to target customer’s functional consequence, as to motivate their psychosocial consequence and the core value.

According to the analysis, price is not the main objective that influences our product; therefore the price of the product will remain unchanged.

To increase the sales volume in the B2C market, we increase it sales by locating in more supermarket.

1. Introduction

1.1 Company Background

Heineken owned over 130 breweries in 65 countries around the world and entered to Hong Kong in mid-1990s and became the first beer company in China. The targeted customers are at the range of 40-year-old to 30-year-old in this current year. Heineken majority focus on B2B sales model that in some bar or event sales. Hong Kong market position focused on products packaging, investment in products packaging can add value to their products.

The Marketing mix strategy

The Product of Heineken which wanted to deliver a high class and unique value to the customers, so that their packages are mainly in green and silver color to let their customers perceived a symbolic value in the product. Here are some types of Heineken’s products, Heineken BottleHeineken Can

Heineken Extra Cool Heineken Star Bottle
To conclude, here are the products we can buy in Hong Kong as Heineken want to differentiate its product different people. Place
Due to Heineken are major focus on the B2B market, so that they also supply their product to the pub or bar, they also distribute to the supermarket and some retail stores, but the amount are less than the other company.

There also have a Heineken “Theme Bar” at the Hong Kong International Airport; it is the first bar that is themed of Heineken.

Heineken provides some events to enhance the...
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