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Course Project Draft Comcast Portfolio Management Plan Project Comcast is one of the United States leading telecommunications companies operating today. Currently, Comcast serves 22.9 million cable customers, 16.7 million high-speed Internet customers, and 8.4 million telephone services customers. In 1963, Ralph J. Roberts founded the company originally branded as American Cable Systems in Tupelo, MS. In 1969 the company was renamed Comcast Corporation. The name blends the words communications and broadcast. From the late 1960s and into the late 1990s, Comcast Corporation had acquired, developed or invested in multiple companies that include QVC, Storer Communications, American Cellular Network Corporation, Metrophone, US Cable Operations, The Golf Channel, and the E.W. Scripps Cable Systems. In 1996 Comcast launched its first high speed Internet option. In 2000 Comcast acquired new customers in multiple states from Adelphia Cable Systems and ATT Broadband. Later in 2002 Comcast and ATT Broadband completed a merger. Comcast was one of the first cable companies to offer high definition and video on demand television services, also in 2002. In 2005 Comcast started to offer digital voice telephone services. Since the initial telephone service was offered, Comcast has grown into the third largest provider of home telephone service. Comcast and GE brokered an agreement that would give a controlling share and management duties of NBC Universal in 2009. NBC Universal is a worldwide entertainment company and has a diverse portfolio that includes multiple television networks, motion picture companies and amusement parks. Comcast Corporation owns the NHL team Philadelphia Flyers and the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers as well as the arena where both play, Wells Fargo Center. Comcast also owns Fandango, a movie information company. Comcast Corporation is the main tenant of the Comcast Center. Comcast is currently in the process of merging with Time Warner Cable in which, Comcast will acquire 100 percent of Time Warner Cables 284.9 million shares outstanding for shares of CMCSA amounting to approximately 45.2 billion in equity value. Organizations Strategic Plan Comcast has focused its efforts on not just being a cable company but a content provider. Comcast applies the latest innovation and technology to entertain, inform and connect people in new ways ( As a company uniquely positioned to inform, empower, and inspire, Comcast embraces the opportunity to create conversation and mobilize action. They believe its not just about moving the business forward its about moving people forward. Comcast has gone through many organizational changes and acquisitions like many global companies. Comcast has been making substantial investments to better their products while enhancing the service and support customers receive. Comcasts strategy centers on delivering their customers with the finest and the largest amount of content through all platforms. Their vision is to give consumers more content choices, available without buying extra equipment but with the click of a remote. Comcast delivers next-generation television on a multitude of new devices to over 22 million customers, which is far more than any other company. XFINITY TV offers customers the best watching experience anytime, anywhere, with the most extensive collection of entertainment available on XFINITY On Demand, online at, through XFINITY TV apps and on XFINITY Streampix. Their X1 cloud-based next-generation platform makes possible even more choices, features and personalization. As the nations largest and fastest Internet service provider, Comcasts high-speed network is helping to shape the future of how people use the Internet to enhance their lives. And Comcast technology opens up new ways to communicate with IP-enabled voice service and wireless options, letting people connect seamless sly with those most important to them.(
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