Prohibition DBQ

Topics: Prohibition in the United States, Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Volstead Act Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Prohibition DBQ
The prohibition movement occurred during the era of progressive reform. The Eighteenth Amendment and its accompanying act, the Volstead Act, brought about the ideas of the prohibitionists. Though there were some negatives setbacks to the prohibition movement, the movement was ultimately a success because of the widening support for the Anti-Saloon League.

The prohibition movement received much support from the Anti-Saloon League. Alcohol and saloons were very closely related. The Anti-Saloon League developed a strong distaste to saloons in the United States, causing them to back prohibition. Some believed that the saloon lobby was always found in alliance with every other corrupt and evil influence (Document G). This showed the corrupt correlation between alcohol and legislature. Many believed that saloons should be kept away from industries with hazardous characters and with men who work at night time, and kept away from places where girls or adult women may pass (Document D). Saloons degraded women by having pictures of life-sized naked women in the saloon (Document A). This mentality continued to be shown away from saloons when men would believe that a woman’s only place is the home (Document P). This showed the negative impacts saloons could have on the rest of society. A majority began to agree with the Anti-Saloon League.

The Anti-Saloon League tried to appeal to members of church, as these people were higher supports of the prohibition movement. Every step the country was taking was regarded as an act of Divine intervention (Document L). It was shown that clergymen supported prohibition more than members of any other profession (Document J). These men believed that deliverance would come, but it would come from the sober (Document I). Many people also believed that regardless of their view on prohibition, they should pay tribute to the “efficiency and courage” of the churches in this fight (Document Q). This just shows...
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