Progressive Era Laws/Effects

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Year| Progressive Era Chapter 9 Timeline
Name of Idea/Event/Law| What Law/Amendment didPurpose of Movement/Organization | 1860| | |
| | |
1870| Women’s Christian Temperance Union| 1. First organization among women devoted to social reform with a program that "linked the religious and the secular through concerted and far-reaching reform strategies based on applied Christianity." - The purpose of the WCTU was to create a pure world by abstinence, purity and evangelical Christianity| | | |

1880| Australian Ballot| 1. Elections in the United States are (were) mostly held by secret ballot in order to more accurately determine the legitimacy of votes - The purpose was to ensure the voter records a sincere choice by forestalling attempts to influence the voter by intimidation or bribery.| | | |

1890| Anti-Saloon League| 1. Success was nationwide prohibition locked into the Constitution with passage of the 18th Amendment. It was decisively defeated when prohibition was repealed. - It lobbied for prohibition in the US and concentrated on legislation, and cared about how legislators voted, not their alcohol drinking habits| | Scientific Management| 1. A theory of management that analyzed and synthesized workflows. One of the earliest attempts to apply science to the engineering of processes and management. 2. Most of its themes are still important parts of industrial engineering and management today. - Main objective was improving economic efficiency and labor.| 1900| 1. Muckrakers| 2. Reform-minded journalists who wrote largely for popular magazines. Term used to refer to a writer who investigates and publishes truthful reports to perform an auditing or watchdog function. – Utilized advertising boycotts, and patriotism to end WWI. 3. Originated in Galveston, Texas as a response to the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, mainly for the reason that extra support was needed in certain areas. This form of government quickly became popular across the state of Texas and spread to other parts of the United States- Created so that voters could elect a small commission, on a nonproportional voting system. 4. Broke the concentrated, monopoly, power of certain corporations and trusts. – looked for ways in which average persons could become directly involved in the political process.| | 2. City Commissioner system| |

| 3. Initiative, Referendum, Recall| |
| 4. The Jungle| |
| 5. Meat Inspection Act| |
| 6. Theodore Square Deal Party Platform| |
| 7. The Souls of Black Folk| |
| 8. Hepburn Act| |
| 9. Muller V. Oregon| |
| 10. National Reclamation Act| |
| 11. NAACP| |
| | |
1910| 1. Manns-Elkins Act| 1. Was strengthened to prohibit railroads from charging passengers more for a short distance trip, compared to a longer distance ride, over the same route, unless specifically approved by the ICC. - extended the authority of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) to regulate the telecommunications industry, and designated telephone, telegraph and wireless companies as common carriers. 2. Established prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States. - Defined which intoxicating liquors were prohibited, and which were excluded from prohibition. 3.  Statute enacted by the U.S. Congress which sought to address child labor by prohibiting the sale in interstate commerce of goods produced by factories that employed children. -  The basis for the action was the constitutional clause giving Congress the task of regulating interstate commerce 4. Resulted in acceptance of a 10 hour workday for both men and women, but the state low-wage laws weren't changed until twenty years later.  5.  Established direct election of United States Senators by popular vote. - also alters the procedure for filling vacancies in the Senate, allowing for state legislatures to permit their governors to make...
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