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In this chosen field there are certain details that can never be somewhat over looked. You need to remember certain things but never once for a split second be ignored. Stakeholders have HIGH expectations and these expectations have to be met by the staff and people who are involved in your program your program must have a vision, mission and objectives. According to Influence of stakeholders (2013 January 1st) Http:// (Influence of stakeholders . (Owners have a big say in how the aims of the business are decided, but other groups also have an influence over decision making) Some of the following are examples of population, just to give everyone a simple idea. People who plan to change their efforts, and policy makers who target advocacy efforts. Secondary stakeholders are those who are directly responsible for all the efforts taken. For example: Employers, medical professionals, and social workers. Last but not least we have the key stake holders; these are the big important guys, although they’re all important in their own way. The reason I say they are the big guys, is because these people can pass laws, and enforce them in whatever way they need to. For example they’re would be “policy makers” The media, board members and local community leaders. These people play a big role regardless. It’s very important to try and set goals, without goals you have nothing, such as a vision, a mission statement. Etc. This will show everyone exactly how serious you are about getting your business to the next level, yes you need help but certain little things you can do on your own will only strengthen you chances of receiving respect from your stakeholders. Without a vision statement there is no way to know what your plans are five years down the road, this is why it’s called a vision statement, its what you want and where you wish for your program to be within the next 5 to 10 year range, but for a start up business I would...

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