Topics: Women's suffrage, Progressivism, Progressive education Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: March 13, 2014
So this Wednesday in Eastern Asia, China makes news that they will be increasing its military budget by 12.2 percent. Which is about 132 billion dollars increase from the previous year. Just last year Beijing China had increased its military budget to 10.7 percent. Although with such heavy military spending china is still the second highest in military funding. United states is still the hold its lead of being the first highest spender.A lot of spending claims and accusations are assuming that chinas is under pricing there budgets.This Means China is most likely spending more than they are telling the public. Even though United States still has the highest budget in the world, officials and other countries are now closely watching Chinas spending for they are on alert for becoming the dominate military of the pacificWhat basic views united progressives and were they accurate in their appraisal of human nature?

Well progressives all started out from the support of american society, rather than from rural west and southern areas. As time went on, progressivism was seen to be within an individual rather than the society the individual is in. They believe if the individual was succeeding, then so would the society. The ability to achieve a better world is in each individuals faith that they possess. Many of the progressives had a similar shared values that was the spirt of progressivism. They also put faith in science which was a value most thought would benefit the future. As the rise of progressive continued many professions became available. Many jobs such as medicine, law, business, education, social work. This is the begin of a new world similar to ours now. Alcohol was a new popular beverage across america at this time as well. This started the Prohibition of alcohol by the states, soon leading into the eighteenth amendment. As a gender change woman suffrage was the first women were consider possibly being equal. Women's suffrage was seen as an empowerment...
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