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Topics: Pharmaceutical industry, Clinical trial, Pharmacology Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Pharmaceutical manufacturers a multi billion industry who are solely depend on research and development of drugs which is a very risky as one out of ten thousand becomes actually approved for sale. Parallel research is done in various pharmaceutical companies once a clinical path is being discovered and this requires intensive competitor monitoring procedure. Therefore drug companies are combating each other to develop multibillion dollar drugs each year to survive. To monitor competitors, we propose three component based approach namely, factors, actors and predictors. We identify the factors which are the keywords related to the project and their visitor using crawlers and wrappers and we use user centric panels to discover the actors which are potential or existing competitors. And also the frequency of access will be added to the link’s weight illustrating the significance of the keyword for a competitor. A graph structure will be formulated against the keywords and the sequence of access per identified competitor, formulating a sequential pattern. These three components will indicate the direction of the individual competitors, performance of the competitors collectively and keyword based relation to aid the actual desired solution. User centric data collection methods will be used for collect the information such as demographics of the users in order to identify the potential or existing competitors. Those involve monitoring the reports and press release, monitoring market activity and monitoring online information. (Competitor Monitoring & Tracking, 2011) But these wouldn’t have much effect on identifying the competitor research and investigated clinical pathways. We will be analysing the data collection methods basically falls in to two subsets which are the key words related to the project and their visitor and then will use the visitors information to find out the potential or existing competitors. Therefore discovery of a new clinical pathway...
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