Problems with My Apartment

Topics: Apartment, Landlord, Rental agreement, Renting, Ant / Pages: 3 (512 words) / Published: Jun 5th, 2012
Problems with My Apartments When I was younger, I fantasized about how wonderful life would be when I moved into my own apartment. Now I’m a bit older and wiser, and my dreams have turned into nightmares. My apartment has given me nothing but headaches. From the day I signed my lease, I’ve had to deal with an uncooperative landlord, an incompetent janitor, and inconsiderate neighbors. First of all, my landlord has been uncooperative. He seemed very nice and friendly when I was viewing the apartment, but somehow right after I signed the dotted line, that smile turned to a sly grin. For instance, I began to notice a bug problem a few weeks after moving in. One day, I was eating cereal and I noticed ants marching along the table. I thought maybe I left a window open but the next few days I found them by the stove, crawling by the refrigerator and even in my box of Honey Nut Cheerios! I addressed the problem with my landlord several times. The first time he told me to shut all the windows even though it was hot outside. Then, he told me to buy some ant spray and finally, he said he would send a janitor over, but there was still no sign of any improvement. I’ve had a problem not only with my landlord but also with an incompetent janitor. After, the ant problem, I wasn’t too confident that I could depend on the “no-show” janitor. One day I noticed there was a leak coming from the ceiling in my bedroom. It must’ve occurred a with no prior notice because there was a brown stain also. I immediately brought the problem to my landlord’s attention, the janitor showed up three days later. I showed him where the leakage came from; he must’ve been in there for less than ten minutes. I heard something that sounded like spray paint. To my surprise, it was! He actually sprays paint the brown stain. That was that. Perhaps, the worst problem has been with the inconsiderate neighbors who live in the apartment above me. My next door neighbor had traffic

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