Problems with Job Seeking

Topics: Oman, Muscat, Oman, University Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: December 1, 2008
In the Sultanate of Oman , the number of colleges , institutes and Universities have grown drastically in the last couple of years , thus more students have a lot of options when it comes to their higher education . With the increasing number of education institiutes this leads to huge amounts of fresh Omani graduates entering any industry , market or looking for any sort employment will definitely face and encounter problems and obstacles when searching for a career to establish themselves in. Omani graduates will have to decide weather they choose to work in the private or public sector (basically ministries). With the rise of the number of graduates , more jobs have to be created to ensure that the young generation has a secure future.

A really important point is that a lot of graduates may have had a past experience (Full-time or Part-time) in working and what not , weather it be a company or an establishment . A lot of young Omanies are Working part-time while they are attending university or college for example in companies like Nawras , Omantel , Oman mobile , Earnest and Young etc. these students tend to learn new things and meet new people. In addition, part time jobs facilitate and help in understanding the working nature with relation to what they are studying in college or university .

Parallel with that other freshly graduated students may not have any experience in a situation where they have to look and search for a suitable job.

Students when graduating from college are used to some sort of flexibility when it comes to timings and classes , with a lot of breaks in between , the newly graduates have to leave that schedule behind when its for a job.

A further obstacle faced by graduates is that a lot of resumes , cv’s and profiles are sent at once to companies and establishments . Graduates overlook the fact that having a clear target in where they want to work and establish a career is much better off than sending countless resumes...
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