Problem Statement

Topics: Bank, Credit card, Bank of America Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Problem Statement
Bank of America is struggling to position their mobile banking service in the continuously changing industry. The bank already has a mobile application but is evaluating if they should add more features to this app and how this will affect their clients. Situation Analysis

• Bank of America is the largest U.S. bank holding company; it was founded in 1904 and expanded with several acquisitions. • By the end of 2009 BoA was the leader in the market, serving 82% of the US population (over 53 M customers) and positioned number one in online and mobile banking. • Very strong and best-managed banks before the crisis which brought losses and a very strong drop in stock price. • Mobile banking was launched in 2007 and in less than 3 years they have 4 million customers using the service. Customers

• Chose their bank based on low account minimums, competitive rates and convenient locations. • In 2009 10 million consumers used mobile banking and this was expected to grow to 37 million by 2014. • Customers willing to use mobile banking are not the same as online users. • Security issues, low value and cost of data access were the primary reasons why customers would not use mobile banking. • Debit card holders were the most active users because of the convenience of checking their account balances at any time. • They are reluctant to try a new banking service if it represented an extra cost and were also afraid of losing control of their finances. • Customers switch their usual bank channels and the retention is higher for online services. Competition

• The main competitors were: Bank of New York Mellon, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Co., Citigroup, and PNC Financial Services. • Competition also used mobile banking to ensure a good service to their customer; they used SMS, web browser and apps, depending on the bank and the customer they served. • Citibank and Wells Fargo had different applications for their target groups,...
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