Private University In Sylhet, Bangladesh

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Private Universities of Sylhet
Course title: Communicative English-1
Course code: 110

Date of submission: 25th April 2012

Submitted to
MD Jubayer Al Mahmud
Department of English
Leading University, Sylhet

Submitted by
Name: Ahmed Al Masud
ID: 120-101-389
Batch: 30th
Section: H
Department of Business Administration

Leading University, Sylhet


At first I want to give thanks to the almighty ALLAH for helping me to make this assignment. I also want to give thanks my course instructor Mr. Zubayer Al Mahmood sir for offering me to make such an interesting assignment & for giving me valuable instruction to fulfill the assignment.

I tried to put my best effort for making the assignment successful. By facing some obstacle such as, lack of information, lack of knowledge, lack of depth understanding about the Tourist places in Sylhet I have made this assignment.


My selected presentation topic is “private university’s in Sylhet” Basically private universities founded by some private person who try to establish a higher education system for the students.
All we are know that Private universities always play very important role in education sector. Very Huge number of students they study on private university. Every year private universities student’s r badly increased day bay day. There is some reason for this increasing. 1st of all private universities have some advantage and beside limited site number of public university’s and limited sit number. Besides there are other way

to get higher education which is on national university’s and study abroad. Both of these systems have some disadvantage. That’s why Private University’s demand encasing day by day.
Now let’s see about private universities of Sylhet.

All we are know that there are 3 private University in Sylhet. Which is?

 Leading University
 Metropolitan University
 Sylhet International University
Note: But good news is that some more private universities are waiting for government approved. They will start their academic curriculum soon. Northeast University Bangladesh is one of them.

Northeast University gate

Well, Leading University is the 1st government approved private university in Sylhet Division. Leading University started their academic curriculum on 2001 with the few number of student and few numbers of departments. It’s situated in “Modhubon Supermarket” in Bonder Bazar, which is the heart of Sylhet district. Now they have huge number of students and enough departments as well. Currently about 5000 students are studying here and also have 9 departments at Leading University. And 9 departments are given below as a list.

Library Room

*And 9 departments are given below as a list.

1. Department of Business Administration
2. Department of Architecture
3. Department of Civil Engineering
4. Department of Computer Science & Engineering
5. Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
6. Department of English
7. Department of Law
the University offers the following undergraduate programs:
8. Master of Business Administration
9. Master of Computer Science & Engineering.

University facilities:


Well, This University provides huge number of facility’s for their student. The University follows the American system, with all its peculiarities, semester, credit, letter grades, credit transfer, a system tester and so on. Leading University provides activities designed by its own particular club, such as Debating Club, Sports Club, mosque, Cultural Activities Club, Social Service Club and Computer Club, BNCC, Sports club, And a Big Library.

Computer Lab

Now let’s know about Teacher Student Relationship: I can simply express this relation by using very well. Yes teacher Student Relation is very good. A relationship with your students that enables you to firstly be their mentor but also secondly to...
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