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Private Peaceful ReviewBy:Michael MorpurgoIn the novel Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo two brothers get an experience like never before. It tested their skills, strengths and weaknesses. They learn that everything can't be solved by killing or dying, but living to keep promises.Charlie and Thomas (Tommo) Peaceful grew up together. Charlie being the oldest is always looking out for his little brother Tommo and he takes any punishment away from Thomas and brings it upon himself. Everything gets complicated when Charlie marries his brother's true love. He learns that Thomas loves her and wants her to have his child. It was too late of course, because Charlie was already a father.Now to make matters worse, the brothers go off to fight in the war. With all of Charlie's troublemaking Thomas was very worried. He had every right to be, because after Charlie's court martial he was sentenced to death. Now Thomas must survive to keep the promise he made Charlie to take care of the family.This book is very exciting, full of action, and at times a real tear-dripper. I really feel where the author (Michael Morpurgo) was coming from. He was trying to express what the war was about and how unfairly they were treated. What was happening was terrible and young men died for a little reason. If it was me 'calling the shots' there would not have been a war in the first place.Michael Morpurgo really opened my eyes to what's going on in the world. The book Private Peaceful is most-likely the best book I have ever read. It was the first book to make me think and cry. I am the type of person who quits reading a book if it gets too long, or carries on and on. This book kept me interested. I'm talking about on the edge of my seat with every page turned interested.  I felt that the sub plot involving the Big Joe going missing dragged on a bit and found that it slowed the story down waiting for the borthers to go to war, but this is my only real criticism. 48920401086485It felt most...
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