Principles and Practices of Assessment

Topics: Assessment, Educational psychology, Summative assessment Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Principles and practices of assessment
By Donna Fowler

The aim of this assignment is to show my understanding of the types and methods of assessment used within lifelong learning the legal requirements of record keeping. Understand types and methods of assessment used in lifelong learning There are various types of assessment used within lifelong learning: * Initial assessment – this assessment can be done through the initial learners interview and allows the learner to put on the most best suited level for them, and also highlights any support that may be needed. * Formative assessment – this is continual assessment of the learner, these can be formal and informal assessments, it can be used in setting up a personalised learning plan. This can be achieved by asking questions or simply observing your learners * Summative assessment – this is usually the assessment that takes place at the culmination of the course, often in the form of an exam but it can also be at any given point within the course to measure the amount of learning that has taken place. * Diagnostic assessment – this is where an assessment is made of the learners skills and also their weaknesses and their strengths. These assessment can be made through simple reading and writing In lifelong learning we also use different methods to assess our learners; in my subject area of Animal Care I may use some of the following; * Diaries – we have a section dealing with work experience and our learners have to diarise their experience whilst there. * Assignments – a lot of our subject matter is theory as it may be impractical to visit the places needed, so its done by research and writing down their findings and their evaluations. * Observation – some of our criteria specifies that our learners have to be able to handle certain species, therefore the only way to assess this is by practical assessment. * Gapped handouts – used on the level 1 courses mainly, leads the learner to...
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