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1 In the 21st century, some environmental variables that may affect Prince Sports include ever-changing technology and the deployment and use of social media amongst all age groups. The use of social media is a marketing powerhouse. Microsoft and Facebook sell consumer information to companies who then in turn can fine tune their marketing strategies. They can also reach a larger audience, and more specifically, a younger one, ensuring they can have long-term customers. The constant changing of technology has its drawbacks too. The market is saturated with cheap materials and due to the rise of the popularity of the sport, demand is increasing. With the cost of everything rising, marketing for a cost effective yet competitive product is key.2 Prince sponsors tennis training camps for kids and adults.   They are interested in continuing the rise of tennis in the US. By fostering training and awareness, young consumers who might not have aware of the joys of tennis have a fun and educational experience. Prince also holds “demo events” where consumers can gain awareness for the company and try out their new products themselves.3 Prince designs and markets their racquets to meet the needs of three distinct styles of players. They also meet the need for three levels of players from pros on television, recreational players and juniors or children. To reach recreational players, they realize that not everyone is a pro, and that everyone has a different swing. They create their products with this in mind. Demo racquets and promotional material is placed in stores where the recreational player may shop.   This also can pertain to the junior players. Another all-encompassing trait that Prince practices is utilizing the combination of price point, technology and performance. Recreational players are typically older, with disposable income. They can afford better racquets, and may keep the same one for a little longer than the... CASE STUDYPrince Sports, Inc.: Tennis...
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