Prezi Analysis

Topics: ZOOM, Caroline Botelho, WGBH-TV Pages: 3 (1140 words) Published: February 19, 2012
A Ride through Prezi
Prezi is like an amusement park. An amusement park is composed of various types of rides geared towards different family members. Firstly, the teacups or the bumper cars which are traditional games for everyone, or the simulators which are for the more adventurous ones and finally the roller coasters which are only for the ones who like adrenaline and danger. No matter what game a person likes to ride, every single time on the game is different, there are unexpected twists and turns and every person has different experiences while on the ride. Prezi, which is a new form of presentation that allows users to create ‘their own story’ within a white canvas and make it as creative and unique as they want, is geared towards everyone from middle school students to CEOs. The twist and turns in Prezi are found within the zooming options and paths created by the presenter and so far there have been mixed reviews as to how efficient and effective Prezi is for people. In my opinion, Prezi is an innovative, complex and fun software available to everyone around the world and can come in handy when trying to be original. Prezi was available to the public in early 2009, but many people are still unaware of its existence. About 80% of the students in my technical communication class had no idea what it was, even though college students are supposed to be technology savvy. As the mission statement says, “it is a way to make sharing ideas more interesting.” It is one of a kind and is cloud-based, which makes it easily accessible to anyone with internet access all over the world. The most innovative part of Prezi is the Zooming User Interface, ZUI, which enables the users to zoom in and out of the presentations and clearly show which ideas are more important than others. It keeps the audience guessing what is coming next, since some words might not be visible until the presenter zooms in on that specific frame. There is also a function called Prezi Meeting,...
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