Presidential Outline Assignment for Advanced Placement United States History

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Presidential Outline Assignment for Advanced Placement United States History

* Presidential Background
* Full name:
* George Washington
* Birth and Death Dates:
* February 22 1732 - December 14, 1799
* Educational and occupational background of the President * George Washington had a very small educational background, he received his primary education at a church yard school that was nearby and was later sent to a boarding school where he took an interest in practical things such as “how to count one's goods and how to be a gentleman farmer” but he did not excel in reading or language. * George Washington’s first job was as a land surveyor, which enabled him to buy land. After the death of his older brother he was asked to take his position as adjutant general of the colony. His main responsibility was overseeing the militia of the districts and with this experience, a year later he served as a colonel in the French and Indian War. By the late 1700's he gained ample amounts of recognition for his militia experience and was appointed military advisor for New York, defending it from British attack. Weeks later, the Second Continental Congress appointed him Commander-in-Chief of the entire military * Terms of Office:

* Two: (1789-1793), (1793-1797)
* Prominent Issues In Each Election:
* Prominent Issues in the first election (1789- 1793): Framing a New Government Building and expanding America Opponents for Office. * Prominent Issues of the 2nd Election: (1793- 1797) Establishing a National Sovereignty Neutrality Opponents for Office *  First Term Opponent: John Adams, J. Jay, R.H. Harrison, J. Rutledge, J. Hancock, G. Clinton, S. Huntingdon, J. Milton, J. Armstrong, B. Lincoln, E. Telfair * Second Term Opponents:  John Adams, G. Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, A. Burr * Political Party of President

* Federalist
* Major domestic happenings during this period by the U.S. * Judiciary Act (1789):
* One of the first laws passed by the United States congress passed under new Constitution. It organized the U.S. Supreme Court and established lower federal courts throughout the country. * Alexander Hamilton's financial program (1791)

* Alexander Hamilton's financial program proposed the federal government should pay off all confederation (state) debts at full value. It also conceived of the First Bank of the United States as a way to standardize American currency and cope with national Revolutionary War debt. Hamilton also wanted America to adopt a mercantilist economic policy. This would protect American manufacturers through direct government subsides (handouts to business) and tariffs taxes on imported goods). This protectionist policy would help fledgling American producers to compete with inexpensive European imports. * Bill Of Right added to the Constitution(1791)

* The first ten amendments that were added because of the ongoing debate of whether or not the constitution would be approved because it failed to mention basic rights and liberties which was a major issue during debates. Delegates number of amendments that would secure a wide range of liberties, such as the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and press, and protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. * First Bank of the U.S. Chartered (1791)

* Modeled along the lines of the Bank of England, a central bank would help make the new nation's economy dynamic through a more stable paper currency. With the support of George Washington the bank was chartered with its first headquarters in Philadelphia. * Vermont admitted to the Union (1791)

* Vermont became a part of the original thirteen colonies on  March 2, 1791 * Mint Act(1792)
* After America won the war and the new U.S. Constitution was ratified, Congress passed the “Mint Act” on April 2, 1792. This...
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