Presentation of Katherine - Taming of the Shrew

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Compare the presentation of the relationship between Petruchio and Katherine in the text version of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ with the presentation of this relationship the BBC modern adaption
Before they meet
Before the two characters meet, Shakespeare already gives the audience a clear idea on their separate personalities, and consequently a pre-conceived idea as to how their first encounter will go. Petruchio’s intention are to marry purely for the money, rather than love, which was perfectly acceptable in Elizabethan times. This is shown when his aim is shown to be ‘wive and thrive’ (1.2.53). The use of rhyme shows that Petruchio is optimistic and jolly about marrying Katherine, even before they have met.
Do not get on
Text: Both witty, sarcastic, outgoing. Match each other but also challenge each other. -> 2.1.203, 2.1.223
BBC: K=ill-tempered and more defensive. P=more relaxed – body language. Male dominated – height =’looking down on her’. K=not as confident she can match him.
Similarities: K=physically aggressive, P likes. P=annoys her with ‘Kate’ -> 2.1.81-90
Differences: K=not trying as hard to outsmart. Location of meeting adapted to time period. -> lift/courtyard
Throughout this act Katherine cannot stand to be around Petruchio, but he loves seeing her uncomfortable around him, with his taming methods already underway, ‘to kill a wife with kindness’ (4.1.196) is evident in this scene. This gives their relationship an awkward touch to it, as the audience isn’t sure how serious each insult and/or witty comment is.
Text: P=turns up late -> 3.2.34-35. Bad clothes, strikes priest, generally angry and misbehaves. K=confused and angry, but doesn’t do much about it. P kisses her enthusiastically.
BBC: K=more outspoken regarding his behavior
Similarities: late, clothes, P= drunk
Differences: see wedding in film. K= tries to control her husband.
In the text, we don’t know precisely what happened during the wedding service, other than

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