Premarital Sex and Euthanasia

Topics: Marriage, Fornication, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Pros and Cons of Premarital Sex and Euthanasia

Purpose: To Inform in debate form to the audience about the Pros and Cons of Sex before Marriage and the act of Euthanasia.

Specific Purpose: To come to a better understanding about both topics and to sort out the main Pros and Cons of each topic individually.

Thesis Statement: Sex before Marriage and Euthanasia have many fascinating facts and opinions to support one another. I will discuss the Pros and Cons, such as the advantages and disadvantages of each topic to better help my debate on each issue.

Main Point 1
Pros of Premarital sex.
a. The fulfillment of a sexual desire
b. Beneficial to the relationship in a communcation level
c. Acceptance from partner
d. Fun and exciting

Main Point 2
Cons of Premarital Sex
a. Is morally incorrect
b. The fear of pregnancy
c. Guilt
d. Lack of self-respect

Main Point 3
Pros of Euthanasia
a.Relieve extreme pain
b. To terminate the feeling of a low life
c. Frees up medical funds
d. Freedom of Choice "The Right to Die"

Main Point 4
Cons of Euthanasia
a. Devalues human life and rights
b. Medical degrees involved in causing death, rather then saving lives c. Mistakes can happen
d. Lack of respect to religious beliefs

Yes? No? Reading upon these two controversial topics statiscally the majority of society will come to agree on the rights of "Premarital Sex" and the "Right to Die" about 70% of opinions are based on the Pros and what this leads me to an unclouded understanding that society now a days main concern is receiving instant gratification. People are no longer patient and are loosing their cultural, social and self respect by agreeing to mainly the pros yet there is a bright understanding of it's Cons which supports the morally correct decision to make and the religious aspect of both topics. Contribute to this websites and help support...
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