Prejudice in to Kill a Mocking Bir

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To kill A Mockingbird

Victor Ace
English 12
Mrs. Griffin


Thesis Statement: Harper Lees To Kill A Mockingbird brought about social awareness of the racial prejudice going on in that time period.

I. Time period
A. The 1930’s .
B. Alabama.
C. lawyer defending innocent black man accused of rape.
D. Showed the world the racial prejudice going on..

II. Themes in TKAM
A. Doing what is right for society and not whats right for you B. Not to judge a someone by the color of their skin.
C. Not to follow the crowd and stand up for your beliefs.
D. Lead by example.

III. Racial Prejudice in TKAM
A. What impact did race have in regards to rights of the accused? B. What influenced prejudice in the 1930s?
C. What outcome did race have in an individuals social status ? D. Apart from African Americans what other groups of people were discrimated ? IV. To Kill A Mockingbirds influence on society
A. What impact did the novel have on society concerning prejudice? B. What changes did the social awareness of prejudice bring about ?


Through history literature has been used to inform and educate the public about important issues relevant to their current time , Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird brought about social awareness of the racial prejudice occurring in It’s time period , and had a major influence on the upcoming events that were brought about as a result of its impact on the publics general view.

The novel takes place in Maycomb County ,Alabama in the 1930s . In a total different atmosphere than presently, the south was heavily segregate by the Jim crow laws set in place after the supreme court case Plessy vs. Ferguson to maintain a boundary between skin color in all public places . These which said were meant for the separate yet equal purpose , however regardless of this, discrimination was inevitable. The southern states specially were the scenario of the most concurring racism , due to the fact that in the past it was the main consumer of slave labor and it was hard after the civil war for both races to assimilate into normality . Most whites held a deep resentment towards the African Americans now free and despite their new status were still looked down upon and treated like less than human beings ,in a totally unfair society that disregarded any rights they equally deserved . But because of the political , social and economic unbalance there was very little the free men could do to claim these injustices.

In the 1930s America was undergoing the midst of the Great depression caused primarily by the stock market crash which left millions in the deepest economic crisis the country had yet to experience . The southern states were particularly hit due to the bankruptcy of the cotton industry , and being its major economic staple it had a

tremendous impact on the general public causing a major unemployment for all races , and although whites had the advantage over blacks there was still a competition for jobs among everyone in order to endure the hard times , that which only increased the tension between both ethnic groups even further . They were tough times to be endured and often everyone looked out for only themselves , and in a segregated community one was less likely to give a hand to a fellow human being they considered unequal . Though African Americans were not the only group to be discriminated upon during this depression , they were the most directly targeted and affected.

In the novel a young black man ,Tom Robinson is, accused of the rape of a white girl Mayella Ewell . A crime to which he is actually innocent , and along with her father Bob Ewell an alcoholic , unemployed citizen of Maycomb and member of a very poor family they falsely accuse him of the crime while knowing his true innocence . Bob represents the dark racist side of the south by...

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