Pre-Historic Art and Egyptian Art

Topics: Cave painting, Cairo, Prehistory Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: March 31, 2011
There were many differences between Pre-historic art and Egyptian art .One being that pre-historic art was before written history. Which roughly started about 40,000 BC as to were written was about 3,500 BC. Also many pre-historic sculptures which they date to be around 40,000 BC had three main aspects to it Found ,Portable ,Magical .A prime example of this would be the Venus of Willendorf which was dated around 25,00-21,00 BC. This figure shows the apparent large size of the breasts and abdomen ,which can be interpreted as a fertility symbol. The figure has no visible face as well which could mean that it was universal in the sense, that it could be any female not just a particular one. There were also many caves that were found with different types of paintings in them known as cave paintings. About 30,000 BC. One of the first cave paintings found was in 1911. Some of the Egyptian art was such as the palette of narmer about 3100 BC. The Narmer Palette is a flat plate of schist of about 64 centimeters in height. Its size, and decoration show us that it was a ceremonial palette, rather than an actual palette for daily us. Things like the Egyptian tombs or mastaba’s were made to perfection with detail and in most cases made out of gold. Pyramids themselves were magical works of art such as the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Egyptain sculptures were more detailed and never free standing always and a flat back piece to it to keep it from falling or balancing the weight.
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