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Topics: The Network, Channel Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: April 20, 2014

A company called CADRE Industries has designed and developed a network for companies to utilize that allows users to manage electronic orders and notification into one system while giving them access to an extensive network of trading partners to make their supply chain more efficient. Analysis:

The program designed by CADRE Industries has integrated all of the aspects of the marketing channels we have discovered so far in this course. First, it allows manufacturer channel members’ to design their channels in faster and more efficient ways. Cadence is pre-wired to thousands of warehouse distributors and network partners that will allow channel members to quickly find and select new members to trade with while redesigning or modifying their existing channel design. Selecting new channel members is often challenging but this new system will allow the firm access to thousands of channel members that are proven to be reliable and add value to their current channel. The new network solution will also allow them to integrate existing channel members into complex channel designs without needing to map intricate designs as the newly design software does it for the participant. Giving manufactures access to more intermediaries also means that they’ll have more reseller inquiries giving them new insights to markets that they may not be aware of currently. Secondly, the article and network solution primarily focuses on intermediaries and their role in the networks solution. The new network solution has integrated features to send and receive electronic orders and to notify channel members of advanced notices. It also uses multi-parcel service delivery to increase efficiency in orders of all volumes. This allows intermediaries to be more efficient for retailers and manufactures, which helps reduce the amount of channel conflict between members. Conflicts will be greatly reduced due to the clear and easy nature in which members of the network solution are...
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