Practical Salary Negotiation

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Practical Salary
A Guide to Planning for
Your Next Salary Negotiation
by Jack Chapman
© 2008

Planning For Your Next Salary Negotiation - By Jack Chapman

Planning For Your Next Salary Negotiation
By Jack Chapman
If you are reading this guide, chances are that you will be participating in some kind of salary negotiation in the near future. Congratulations, that means that you how have a golden opportunity to make more money, and this guide will tell you how. Whether that negotiation is for a new job or simply part of your company’s normal review process this guide is for you! Here, you will find the basic concepts found in my book, Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute, techniques proven to help people increase their salaries. Plus, at the end of this guide is a list of 13 proven negotiating tips that everyone should know before starting any salary negotiation. We’ll start with the four basic tenets of salary negotiation: everything is negotiable; the first offer you hear is rarely the best offer; even “take it or leave it” offers can be improved; and finally, even the best scientific and statistical analyses of your salary level still has wiggle room. Next we’ll cover the five basic rules of salary negotiation and the salary-equation gold mine. Finally, we will take a broad look at the often overlooked aspects of salary, benefits and perks that help to make up a promising total compensation package.

With a little investment of time, you will soon learn what you need to know to successfully increase your salary.

Part 1 - Everything is Negotiable
The single most important rule about salary is that everything is negotiable. For 30 years I have been coaching professionals in the art of salary negotiation. I have published a leading book on salary negotiation and countless articles in newspapers and magazines. In all this time, working with hundreds of people in all professions at all job levels, I believe that this is most important of the four fundamental tenets of salary negotiation:


Everything is negotiable
The first offer you hear is [almost] never the best offer
Even “take it or leave it” offers can be improved
Even the best scientific and statistical analysis of your salary level still has wiggle room

These tenets are true because the process of setting an
individual’s salary is not a science, it is an art. It is up to the parties involved in the negotiation to determine where on the company’s salary scale an individual should land.
When a company wants to buy your time and effort, remember
it’s a human being who makes the decision. It isn’t a cut and dried assessment; it’s a rational-emotive process that takes into account many factors which aren’t always fair or logical. Your awareness of these factors can greatly improve your chances for improving your salary.


The single most
important rule
about salary is that
everything is

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Planning For Your Next Salary Negotiation - By Jack Chapman

The sophistication of an employer’s salary practices varies widely. In some cases, an employer will have researched competitive rates in their area. In other cases they will simply estimate based on what they have paid in the past. In the near future you might expect both employee and employer to utilize PayScale data for salary analysis, similar to how the buyer and seller of a car may utilize Kelly Blue Book™. Regardless of the method that they use, employers have an internal range that they expect to pay for a position.

As an employee, your ability to push an employer to the high point of their mental salary range, or even increase that range, determines the outcome you will have in the negotiation. Further, the better you understand the factors that influence your employer’s decision process the greater your negotiating position. There are many “behind the...
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