Power of social norms

Topics: Sociology, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: June 11, 2014
In our day of age, technology has influenced many aspects of our everyday lives. There is not a day where we cannot go without our phones, computers or television sets. If all of that were to be taken from us, most likely we would be in an uproar. Being exposed to such technological devices, we have become consumed with social media. Social media has definitely shaped the way we communicate, get information and the way we interpret things. For example, just recently Miley Cyrus released a music video called Wrecking Ball. Miley Cyrus is known for her innocent Disney role, Hannah Montana, a young teen who is trying to live a normal life as she juggles being a high school teen and her secret blonde wigged pop star career as Hannah Montana. However, when the music video Wrecking Ball came out, Miley traded her innocent, parent-friendly image for a pixie-cut, red lipped and cropped attire. The video consisted of a naked Miley riding a steel giant ball destroying cement walls and licking a sledge hammer. When the video was released, many were shocked to see this coming from the former Disney starlet. Some were disgusted by the nudity. Others loved the singer’s video and thought it was a great interpretation of the song. Either way, the video shattered the Vevo record for most watched music video and caused many to criticize.

Miley Cyrus did something that many here in America are not so exposed to, she broke a personal appearance norm. In America, we are not exposed to such nudity; and if so, the content is usually censored. But we also, have to include the gender roles. If a male is nude, it mostly likely considered as funny, but if a female is nude, it is most likely considered taboo and gets labeled a slut. Once, Miley appeared fully nude riding a giant steel ball; many labeled it as inappropriate and calling her names, such as slut. However, if you were to show this to people in Europe, they would not be bothered by it. In Europe, they are exposed to nudity;...
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