Poverty in the Third World

Topics: Third World, Poverty, Country classifications Pages: 4 (1441 words) Published: April 23, 2007
"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich" John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 – 63, 35th President of the USA.

Why isn't the world equal? Our world is divided in to two – those who have and those who do not. Globally this division exists between the rich countries in the north and poor countries in the south. Within this broad division between the rich and the poor we find that in each country we have similar division. Even in the richest country in the World, the United States of America, there are people, although small in number, who live in abject poverty. Similarly in even the poorest country in the world like Bangladesh, there are few who would be considered rich even by the standards of rich counties. Why do some people live in abject poverty and why do others live in the lap of luxury? Why are the children of these wealthy people given the opportunities that the children of those living in less fortunate circumstances are denied or have never even heard of? Every human being on this planet must have asked these questions to himself or herself at some point in their lives. While the first question could be answered simply in a few words with, "That's life, C'est la vie," the answer to the last two questions could have some very long and complex answers. I am sure these questions would require a lot of thinking and re-thinking before one answers them.

Poverty is a serious problem. It needs to be recognized, addressed, and resolved Poverty is found everywhere. Every country has its percentage of low-income earners, but some countries have many more people living in unfortunate circumstances than others do. Poverty is an area of concern as it brings with it a host of problems within the country, as well as on a global scale. . In order for us to address the issue of poverty, there is need for us to define what poverty is. The worst kind of poverty is when people cannot get food and therefore they are thin and...
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