Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Questionnaire, Adolescence Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: February 17, 2014
This School Based Assessment is about the topic, “Teenage Pregnancy in my Neighborhood.” The people living in the various areas in Montego Bay Freeport consists of residents from all over the world. There are Chinese, English, American, Indian Jamaican and even German residents. Most of the residents in the neighborhood have teenagers, a majority of them are girls and the minority is boys. Most of the girls are teenage mothers, who have to care and provide for a child and some even contract STD’s So, with this in mind I decided to do a survey on teenage pregnancy and find out the reason for this issue. By completing the questionnaire, which you will see later on in my SBA, you will find out why most of these teenagers are pregnant.


What are the factors that contribute to the level of teenage pregnancy in my community?


In order to collect data from the survey, I have decided to use printed questionnaires. I would be using this method of investigation as a tool for collecting data because it has a number of advantages. 1.It does not require a lot of time to be completed

2.It can be done at the persons own convenience to have it completed. 3.It is confidential because respondents are not required to attach their names on the questionnaires.



Dear Residents,
This is a survey being carried out to determine what your opinion may be to the pregnant teenagers who live in the Freeport area and how you think they should be treated, as well as to help recognize the factors that account for the level of teenage pregnancy in the community. This is for a Social Studies SBA which I have to do for my school. You are supposed to answer the following questions honestly and truthfully. You are not required to put your name on the sheet. Questions are answered by circling the answer of...
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