Postmodern condition

Topics: Postmodernism, Postmodernity, Jean Baudrillard Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: May 26, 2014

1. What is meant by the ‘postmodern condition’?
Postmodernism can be called “a condition of contemporary culture”, it is a modern movement which is strong, ambiguous, very popular and controversial. However, it is very difficult to explain the term because there is no full clarity what the term really means. As one can read in The Condition of Postmodernity it is “a mine-field of conflicting notions” and “a battleground of conflicting opinions and political forces”. There are so many interpretations, definitions and evaluations of the term that it is hardly possible to build a coherent definition, or to be brave enough to attempt to describe it. Almost everyone has a different opinion about it, advocate “for” or “against” or are simply tired of all the fuss around it. For some researchers, the reference to postmodernity is equal to the attempt to recall something impossible to recall, or to express the inexpressible, incomprehensible and unnecessary. In their eyes, talking about post-modernism is the intellectual blindness, or at least a desperate search for something “new” and “different”. Some might think that postmodernism is a fashionable set of “new ideas” (poststructuralism, postindustrialism). But these ideas increased with time. Other researchers believe that postmodernism quite openly supports relativism, because it has some ability to explain certain things and at the same time is the enemy of the idea and the sole objective truth. Truth is elusive, polymorphous. Nevertheless, according to Frederic Jameson, postmodernism “creates more problems than solves”, and he also wonders if any other concept can dramatize the discussions so thoroughly and so effectively. Jean Baudrillard, the main initiator and most influential authority on the sociological reflection on the post-modern breakthrough in the society and culture, thanks to the astute diagnoses tries to warn us about all kind of threats that technological advances could cause. According to...
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