Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

Are there truly side effects caused by tubal ligation?

Candy Layne

COM/220, Research Writing

Instructor Amy McKenzie
July 15, 2009

Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

Are there truly side effects caused by a tubal ligation?

Ever heard of side effects from a simple surgery? How about the procedure causing harsh menstrual cycles? Thousands of women across the U.S. have had this surgery and have the same complaint. The surgery is a tubal ligation which is a simple surgical procedure for birth control (Tubal Ligation Health Article, 2007). Doctors do not believe this occurs but yet research shows that a possible syndrome may very well exist. An imbalanced hormone level caused by atrophied ovaries is just one major side effect of this simple surgery (Surgical Menopause (Female Castration), 1997). Imbalanced hormone levels are what cause these harsh menstrual cycles. Hormone levels are how doctors explain away the problems that occur after a tubal ligation (Sterilization not the cause of menstrual problems (pg. 30), 2001). However, the problem is there are no explanations as to why the hormone levels change or the cause. While medical doctors believe this syndrome does not exist, post tubal ligation syndrome is a very real condition that impacts women’s health everyday. [pic]

Here is an atrophic ovary after a tubal ligation surgery. This is just one side effect of the procedure.

There is an actual condition called Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome or PTLS. Research was done in 1976 to show proof it existed. They compared several women’s post surgery menstrual cycles. The study showed women who had been on the pill prior to the surgery ended up with heavier bleeding post surgery. The OBGyn community did not want patients to know this information (Getting Your Tubes Tied, 2005). Money would be taken out of their pockets if women truly knew the side effects of this procedure. Doctors claim the syndrome does not exist and there are just hormone changes causing the various issues. In some cases women have been told that it is all in their head. There are several organizations such as the Coalition for Post Tubal Women who have joined efforts and accumulated information to put into books such as, “What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You About Tubal Ligation and Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome” (, 2006). Doctor’s such as Gary S. Berger, M.D. of the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has seen several of the same exact cases (Chapel Hill Reversal Center, 2009). The list of side effects is immense and researchers seem to find women develop them after having the tubal ligation procedure. Does the syndrome exist? This is a constant question that has not been truly answered just contradicted. Studies have proven both sides of the argument for it, and against it. On the internet alone case after case of this syndrome does exist. These women all seem to have the same symptoms and their doctors tell them the same thing. What are the doctors telling them? That this condition does not exist and hormone levels are to blame for the changes. Doctors state no such syndrome exists and can explain away the symptoms women are having. Thousands of women who have had the same exact surgery are having the same exact symptoms, but it is just hormones. Sadly, this is not just about hormone levels because the symptoms can be more severe than a harsh cycle. Depression, weight gain, mood swings, lack of libido, early menopause, osteoporosis, nail breakage, and incontinence are just a few of the other issues. These side effects do walk a fine line between hormone levels and an indication of possibly deeper issues. Hormones can be an easy explanation for all things female because that is just genetics. Medicine just needs to dig in deeper and try to get a handle on hormone levels. If doctors can figure out the whys, and what for of such things then the root of the problem can be solved....

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