Possitive Attitude

Topics: Health, Confidence, Personal life Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: March 3, 2014
The Benefits of having a Positive Attitude

‘’Our attitude toward[s] life determines life’s attitude towards us’’ – Earl Nightingale. A positive attitude consists in having a correct predisposition towards life and looking optimistically at the situations life face us with. A positive attitude can benefit you in more ways than you think. We are constantly surrounded by negativity each day and it’s really easy to blame it on the world or on the people we’re surrounded by, but truth is, a large portion of the negativity is self-inflicted. If the thoughts that run through your head are mostly negative, your outlook on life is more likely pessimistic. If your thoughts are mostly positive, you're more likely to be an optimist. By being positive, we’re able to transform not only ourselves and our lives, but also the lives of those around us. There are numerous effects that result from maintaining a good attitude in your daily life, some of these are being healthier, lowering the stress levels on your life, and boosting your self-confidence. Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that a positive attitude can benefit your health? Experts believe that a good attitude and health go hand-in-hand. There is a direct connection between your thoughts and how your body functions. You may not believe it right now, but it’s actually accurate. Everything is connected and it’s no surprise that mental and physical health is as well. According to Carol Ryff, a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin, people with a positive attitude tend to be healthier. This happens because feeling good lowers pain, reduces the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease and hastens healing time. ‘’A positive attitude can also protect against poor health later in life and may be a powerful antidote to stress, pain and illness’’ (Simon, 2011).

If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying? –...

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