Possible Selves

Topics: Motivation, Future, Self Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: November 2, 2008
Possible Selves

Possible selves refer to the selves taht you might become. "Possible selves are highly personalized, vivid, futuristic images of the self that feflect hopes, fears, and fantasies" (Hockenbury and Hockenbury, 2003). Some examples of positive hoped for possible selves might be the successful self, the creative self, the rich self, the thing self, or the loved and admired self. Some examples of the negative dreaded possible selves might be the alone self, the depressed self, the incompetent self, the alcoholic self, or the unemployed self. Your possible selves have many influences and influence many aspects of behavior. They should not be just daydreams or wishes. Possible selves are very powerful. They can motivate us or stall us to reach an important goal. Decisions about your future are very much influenced by your possible selves. Possible selves, rather negative or positive, are not always realistic. Positive possible selves, rather realistic or not, can protect an individual incase of failure. the more positive possible selves you have, the more motivated you will be the achieve that possible self. Negative possible selves are very scary and the more negative possible selves you have, the more motivated you will be to strive towards a better one. Rather negative or positive, you will be motivated by your possible selves. Since a very young age, I have wanted to live in California on the beach. If it were that easy, I would already be there. I dream about myself in Calefornia on the beach with a nice house and plenty of money. Now even though some of my dream may seem very unrealistic, it still motivates me to work hard in school, at my job, and just life in general. I feel the harder I work, the closer I get to moving where I want. California is quite an expensive place to live. if I could just get up and go, I would. First I have to go to collge, graduate, pay off my car and student loans, and accomplish some more...
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