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Porsche: Guarding the Old while bringing in the New


Porsche is known to be Europe's largest automotive retail company, plus is consider being one of the market leaders in the global high end automobile industry, operating nowadays in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, South America and China. The company is mainly owned by the Porsche family.

In 1900, the world's first hybrid car was developed by Porsche, they created a gas-powered race car and a hybrid vehicle that ran on electricity and petrol, which at the time was considered to be ahead of times

Porsche Company was founded by Louise Piech and Ferry Porsche and it all started with a shop with around 200 workers by mid 1948. In 1931, the Volkswagen Beetle was designed and its launch was the company's first big success.

In 1933, Porsche developed the first vehicle that channeled what we call today "Formula One" which engine was later used in the manufacturing of the Volkswagen Beetle, which launch was the company's first big success. Later, by mid 1948, the first sport car was launch (Porsche 356)

The company kept growing through years, and in the mid-1950s introduced its own engines, becoming a legend among the creation of really modern automobiles, specifically sport and racing cars.

“1998 On 27 March, Ferry Porsche dies at the age of 88. The decision to initiate production of the third series is announced – the Cayenne is on its way. With the 911 GT1, Porsche logs a double victory in Le Mans and can now chalk up a total of 16 overall wins”

In the 2000, At the Louvre in Paris, Porsche celebrates the world premiere of the high performance Carrera GT sports car. The ready-for-the-road concept car features a carbon-fibre chassis, as well as a 10-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. In Leipzig construction begins on a new Porsche assembly plant for the multi-purpose Cayenne SUV.”1

“in 2009 ,Ferry Porsche would have celebrated his 100th birthday

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