Population Expansion

Topics: Suburb, City, Urban sprawl Pages: 3 (390 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Population expansion
created pressures for invasion by commercial enterprises
and apartments into lower density residential

leading edge of outward relocation often was led by
the affluent into scenic areas

In some older neighborhoods, concentrations of
poor persons have grown, so that unemployment,
poverty, crime, and inadequate preparation for school
sometimes lead to persistent social crises

During the 1960s,
two-thirds of suburban development occurred in a
sprawl, rather than in a compact, pattern


Gottdiener (1985) called this a multinucleated,
deconcentrated spatial form.

claimed to coin the term "postsuburban" to describe
"this new postsuburban spatial form."

referred to the largest commercial and office
concentrations as "edge cities". Knox (1994, p.
135) labelled these agglomerations "stealth cities",
because they typically lacked a local government and
even lacked a distinctive postal address despite their
huge size.

Four factors explain exurbanization. They include
the continued deconcentration of employment and
the rise of exurban industrialization, the latent antiurban
and rural location preferences of U.S. households,
improving technology that makes exurban living
possible, and the apparent bias of policy favoring
exurban development over compact development."

Institutions such as
government centers, universities, and cultural facilities,
as well as aesthetic attractions such as interesting
architecture, or convenient and walkable mixeduse
environments, are not present in many suburban

success of suburbs in attracting employment contains
a threat to suburban residential stability.

An escalation in overall
metropolitan sprawl is the likely result.

People acting on such preferences will contribute
to exurban sprawl into agricultural areas, as well as
contribute to revival of some central city neighborhoods.

A region lying beyond the suburbs of a city,...
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