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Article Analysis on Valerie White’s “A Humanist Looks at Polymory”
In the article, “A Humanist Looks at Polymory”, Valerie White creates a strong argument on the topic of Polymory (believing it is possible to love more than one person at a time without deception or betrayal) . White uses numerous amounts of examples of what Polymory is, and why people would be against it, and then why people are wrong to assume certain things about the group. She uses personal experiences, backs up her statements with strong facts, and gives more insight on the true meaning of Polymory.

In this article, Valerie White starts by throwing it out there that she is polyamorous, and that she has known this ever since the beginning. She states, “…I knew I was polyamorous and I knew I was Humanist before I knew the words.” (451) This was a strong way to start the article, because now, the reader is intrigued because what they are reading is coming from a person who not only knows what she is talking about, but is actually one, therefore she is speaking from experience. She discusses how though people may think that this is a choice, but to her, it came naturally and she could never have a committed relationship. Using her personal background gives the readers trust that what they are reading is real, because the author is being real with them.

Not only did White start the article by giving personal information, she also starts with loads of facts. Things that people may think about Polymory, the percentage of people who are, and why people are so much against it. This was a strong point because she backs up everything with factual statements throughout the whole article. She says, “…Many other species in the animal kingdom are poly, including humans’ close cousins the bonobo chimpanzees.” (452) This engages the reader, because now, it gets everyone thinking about how Polymory came to be, and is it as abnormal as we think it to be? She continues to make points during the rest of...

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White, Valerie. (2004). The Humanist. New York .
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