Pollution in Lake Huron

Topics: Great Lakes, Water pollution, Lake Huron Pages: 4 (1223 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Pollution in Lake Huron
Rosa Valladares
Strayer University

Pollution in Lake Huron
A major concern is raised in the cities surrounding Lake Huron, where the pollution in the water is eutrophic effecting the environment and health of many. The sources of this pollution are many, and the culprits as equally diverse. With over 20% of the world’s freshwater supply residing in them, the North American Great Lakes are the world’s largest freshwater system (TEACH). Including Lake Erie, Michigan, Huron, Superior, and Ontario, the five lakes are an important source of fresh water and are home to many species of wildlife. However, with the belief that water could dilute any substance, the lakes also became a destination of dumping grounds for many different types of pollutants. Nonpoint-source pollution is another term for polluted runoff; Point-source pollution and Air pollution are a factor as well. Whether it is from precipitation, water washing over the land, car washing or watering crops or lawns, it picks up an array of contaminants including oil, sand and salt from roadways, agricultural chemicals, as well as nutrients and toxic chemicals from both rural and urban areas. Those are a few major contributing factors to the pollution taking place in the water caused by our everyday personal actions and local land use policies. Determining the causes and effects of water pollution in Lake Huron may facilitate new ideas and solutions for cleaning up our waterways’ and improving public health. A few major types of pollutant are caused by carried runoff, contaminating the water and pollution of inshore areas, long-term changes in open waters, and changes in sediments. Although there are many causes of Lake Huron’s pollution, most fall under three categories: 1) Point-source pollution; 2) Nonpoint-source pollution; and 3) Air pollution. Point-source pollution refers to mercury, fecal matter, and sewage, from treatment plants or industrial facilities, being dumped into...

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