Political Cartoon Analysis

Topics: Iraq War, President of the United States, George W. Bush Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Rhetorical Analysis on Political Cartoon:
NRA vs. Congress
Luis Garza
Texas A&M International University


Rhetorical Analysis on Political Cartoon: NRA vs. Congress
Murder. Massacre. Mourning. Sorrow. In the recent months, the United States has gone through two of the most devastating serial massacre in history. One which took place in Aurora, Colorado and another in an elementary school located in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. With this said, Congress, along with President Obama, have been trying to regulate the availability of weapons around the nation. The National Rifle Association, also referred as the NRA, is nonprofit organization which was founded in 1871 (quote) that “promotes the right of citizens to bear arms.” Due to these massacres, the United States Congress and the NRA have been constantly debating whether or not gun laws should be restricted. In this political cartoon, the an NRA representative is shown holding their “favorite assault weapon” which is what we see as a Fox Newscaster. (continue…)

Creator Rob Tornoe has been featured in various websites such as the New York Observer and The Philadelphia Inquirer to name a few. (cite) His credentials include numerous awards such as “Best Cartoon” given by the New Jersey chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. (cite) One of his cartoons was also used to challenge the George W. Bush administration towards the Iraq War. (cite). This specific cartoon was featured on “Media Matters” website which is very analytical when it comes to political topics. These are the guys you should be listening to and reading. They portray the actual news that we’re supposed to be listening to. Yet, millions of followers listen to their so called “news” and base their public votes over what they cast. This is very sad, but true. The author creates humorous cartoons of very serious topics going on in the United States. As many other cartoonists, he plays a very important role in journalism...
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