Policy of Containment in the United States

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How did containment shape American actions abroad for almost half a century? In 1947 the United States and Soviet Union were officially at odds with one another. Both disagreed on ideas on how to handle Europe. This eventually led to a standoff between United States and Soviet Union but it was on Europe’s soil. The Truman Doctrine and The Marshall Plan were used to stop the advancement of Soviet Union into surrounding countries. The U.S. felt that Soviet Union wanted to spread Communism around the world and Soviet Union felt that the United States wanted to spread Democracy in Europe. So to put a stop to it all containment was needed. This consists of using the military and economic persuasion to the surrounding countries and trade partners with Soviet Union. Where and how did we practice the policy of containment in the 1950s and 1960s? In the 50’s and 60’ we used this policy in the Vietnam War and Korean War. In the Korean War when it was all said and done unofficially the boundary was the 38 parallel between North and South Korea. South Korea did not want to be under communist rule and wanted a democracy. Why did it become the dominant feature of American foreign policy after World War II? After WWII the main country that the United States had to be watchful of was the Soviet Union. If President Truman did not implement the containment policy the Soviet Union could have spread all over Europe. The U.S .knew that they could not trust the Soviet Union. We can see this today with the events unfolding in Ukraine. This containment policy was criticized by the press but it was needed. Although it caused a lot of weapons being developed on both sides and stockpiles as well it caused a boomtown in defense businesses. Since this time in history we have seen time and time again that Soviet Union will try to arise and take over a country and the Unites States and Europe have to stand up against the Russians.

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