Poetry Analysis - - Forgive Me When I Whine by Bruno Hagspeil

Topics: Thing, Poetry, Death Pages: 5 (1684 words) Published: October 16, 2012
By: Bruno Hagspiel

Today, upon a bus, I saw a lovely girl with golden hair. I envied her. She seemed so gay, and wished I were as fair. When suddenly she rose to leave,
I saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had one leg, and wore a crutch.
But as she passed- a smile.
O God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two legs. The world is mine!

I stopped to buy some lollies.
The lad who sold them had such charm.
I talked to him. He seemed so glad.
If I were late, ‘twould do no harm.
And as I left he said to me, “ I thank you. You’ve been so kind. It’s nice to talk with folks like you. You see, I’m blind.” O God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two eyes. The world is mine.

Later, while walking down the street,
I saw a child with eyes of blue.
He stood and watched the others play.
He did not know quite what to do.
I stopped a moment, then I said,
“Why don’t you join the others, dear?”
He looked ahead without a word,
And then I knew he could not hear.
O God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two ears. The world is mine.

With feet to take me where I’d go,
with eyes to see the sunset’s glow.
With ears to hear what I should know –
O God, forgive me when I whine.


Forgive me when I whine was a poem of insights beckoning the modest things which people do usually ignored by themselves. This poem has used a number of story lines to give some milieu, in which the readers may absorb its wisdom. Every reader can easily get its essence when reading each lines of the poem. In the first stanza, it commences the story of this person about some occasions in her life which had taken her to grasp a positive approach in some things of life. This particular instance started when she was in a bus and noticed a lovely girl with golden hair, and desiring that she may posses what that lovely girl is having. As this lovely girl passed by her way, she saw that the lass has only one leg, but opposite to what might every person would think, the lovely girl passes along her way with a smile, that’s when she realized the blessing she have, having completely two legs. In the second stanza of the poem, it is a subsequent story of its experiences. At this instant, she dropped by from the bus to buy some lollies and had seen a charming lad. She has had a talked with the lad. The lad was so happy and has thanked her for being so kind. At that moment the lad thank her, that’s when she knew that the lad could not see. Again, comes in her mind another thing. She was so lucky, to whine up on her being. In the third stanza, another experience that meets her… while she was walking down the street, she saw a child with blue eyes. The girl wondered and asked the child why he did not go along with others to play. But he just stood ahead and not saying a word, that’s when she knew that the child was deaf. Again, she realized that she was lucky of having completely two ears. The last stanza of the poem was a digest of her experiences. As you would read the lines in this stanza, you will completely apprehend the author’s views in his poem. The one that has been referred here is not the girl, but the author was just representing that girl to every person in this world. It was ourselves or we individuals are the personas in this poem. The author has finely reached out to every reader his views and had shared his ideals and reflections in life. He sought to give emphasis on little, small things which really matter in this world. He wanted that every reader may get significance from this poem and its deep essence. What the...
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