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1. (a) Discuss how student’s problems in primary/secondary schools are different to than they were 10 years ago.

Nowadays students are quite different from the past 10 years. They were more self esteem and would like to be more independent as they think they are quite mature even though they aren’t. Physically yes they are big enough to be a man or woman but Psychology no. Comparing to those in the past 10 years they are quite obedient and ready to listen to others that are older than themselves. Focusing to the secondary students rather than the primary students, these secondary students face a lot of challenges in their lives with socio, cultures, music and even psychology. Talking about socio depending on where they are born and live. Most of the students who are making mistakes in their lives are those who are living in a poor socio economy family. These children would like to have everything like those rich people and would like to be as one. But when they look upon their background they feel they had to change and when they had set their mind about it problems like stealing and even robbing accrued. They the children would do anything without thinking the consequences of what will happen with their act. That’s why we the grown up should be trying something to make lives of these children wouldn’t be a waste. These children need more attention when they talked to the grownups. It was once said by Parsona (1964) that the home is a factory that produces personal human. If parents fail to "process" their children at the plant, then the result is kids immorality. Ivor Morrish (1975) also add to the family say that supervision is not far enough to impose some rules that should be followed only. Parents should help kids to be eligible to enter their communities. Situations and circumstances in the family may indeed influence the emotional development of pupils. When the structure of a family who suffered fracture, the child will suffer emotional tension and feel insecure. The studies Sandstorm (1968), Maslow, Combs, Kelly and Rogers (1962), and the Bee (1975) shows that feelings of tension will be the magic as acts of reconciliation done at home and in school. Poverty and lack of facilities at home is also a source of discipline problems students. Hussein Mahmood (1980) found that the major problems faced by the students are problems associated with home and family. This in turn is related to self-discipline and possible problems with psychological problems. Studies Harbans Kaur (1982) and K. Kandiah (1982) on 'Jevenile Delinquency' confirms the above. Found many of perpetrators, the perpetrators came from home stairs lacking. Jacob study Hj. Yusof (1977) showed that 50% of pupils who are absent are students facing many distractions of daily living, and when to feel isolated at school, they will find a way out a way to get away from school.

(b) Also identify what factors could be contributing to these changes.

1. Personal
Duke (1980) states that every individual is responsible for the conduct of own. Pupils are likely to be disciplined not to conform with the requirements of themselves without any influence from the outside, which is what's known as "the Potential Influence of the student's free will”. They may also violate school regulations while studying or playing because they do not realize that they have violated the act. This is to be an important factor in the case of pupils perform acts of indiscipline. There are also rules violations committed by the students have emotional problems. Types of children are called 'neurotic' or 'psychotic', and according to Despert (1965) can be identified with his evil style, always make one, fight, default, can not be formed and unstable. Weaknesses in terms of mental development can also lead to violations in school. Weak pupils learn and failed repeatedly in examinations, will feel frustrated and lose interest in learning. By Rabven (1977) when pupils are not interested in a particular subject and the teacher did not try to attract them, The students will have lost the will to learn and do whatever

2. Community
Attitude does not matter in the environment causes the security of property and lives of business community submitted to the police and the courts entirely. When a crime occurs, the member community did not want to know and did nothing to curb such action at least call the police. Individualism attitude causes no social control over youth. Therefore, neighbors and environment needed to be strengthened. Research done in Johor shows the number of cases like hanging out, destroy public property, drug addiction and other higher-rise flats area compared to the single-storey terrace houses (Ahmad, 2001). Believed those involved with these activities are high risk with gangster activity. Furthermore, a number of people joined gangsterism as frequency of violence and gang activity in the place where they live is high and well entrenched. To build excellence through neighborhood concept generation and caring society requires at least three years. But, to be wild and wicked youth is quite simply less than three days. Three days enough for teenagers plunged into the valley of social problems, crime and humiliation.

3. School
According to Waller (1939) the basis of all discipline problems in schools is disagreement in between teachers and pupils of a school situation, because each has different desires. It is even worse in secondary schools where students feel less than delighted to feel affected (Wadd 1973). Gragey (1970), Maslow and Rogers (1962), Boysen (1973) and Gordon (1974) argues that the school environment will meimbulkan strict control of indiscipline because the students will resist this tight control by various bad behavior such as do not respect the teachers, not polite, and also against the teacher. There is also a lie and strict control of the situation. If the teacher is too fierce to students too terrified of him, then contradictions remain made but resentment will be hanneled to innocent third persons (Gragey, 1970). On the other hand, the permissive teacher will face discipline in and outside the classroom, as acts of unacceptable will result in teaching can not be carried out. In this case, teachers are equally guilty of causing the behavior adaptation (Gragey, 1970). By Boyson (1973) of the school should adopt one of two last approach in determining the climate patterns that could be more beneficial to students. In maintaining the regulatory structure and determine moral pupils at the school, teachers large is an important element. New higher moral will reduce apathy in among teachers and bad behavior among pupils (Cleugh, 1971). Even so, the relationship tense at any stage in the school will create tension among the students (Greabell, 1975; Tunney, 1977, and Boyson, 1973). A study conducted by Reynolds (1977) showed that the rate of schools high deranya sentence has more problems of indiscipline from other schools. It is said that the more corporal punishment helped create a sense of frustration from learning. Meacham and Wiesen (1974) also agree with this saying that corporal punishment did not cause any good, but rather encourage indiscipline problems. In the study, Abdullah Salleh (1979) have found the reasons students do 'vandalism'. One of them is seeking revenge on the school; love to see those things destroyed; to show strength, and their condition often left without the supervision of a teacher. Deficiencies in school that cause discipline problems among students is teachers are not empowered to act to defend the discipline. Formal school discipline is responsibility for discipline teacher, head teacher and senior assistant. This resulted in a number of great teachers take their hands off attitude and demonstrate its commitment to addressing disciplinary problems by students either in school or out of school. Students brat who likes to disobey more bold and free to commit acts that violate rules and laws because they know teachers do not have power imposed on them. In fact, the students dared to challenge the authority of teachers who do not. Apart from that, the students are crammed into small classrooms can bring pressure and discipline problems among them (Case, 1985; Bailey, 1971; and Reynolds, 1977). Similarly, the attitude of teachers who have a fierce voice and are using emotional violence in daily teaching. To solve discipline problems in school, every teacher should use discretion while noble comprehensive disciplinary procedures issued by the Ministry of Education.

4. Mass
There are various negative elements which is channeled through the mass media, particularly media electronics such as violent and pornographic films that do not fit with religion, morality, culture, east and national vision. Television and newspaper reports of disciplinary problems occurring after adolescence watch violent movies. Insistence of family and civic power help prevent teen from engaging with a negative flow of rock music and general effect of the video recording. Video games and television influence is synonymous with the various social problems that occur in adolescents. The influence of music, especially rock music lyrics lyrics-often creates misunderstanding especially young listeners who are still in the stage of concrete in their cognitive development. This point should be emphasized because it is a clear impact of affect understanding them in respect of a matter. Students are allocated an average of more than two hours per day watching the plan. Most of them watch for information relevant to the world their social, music appreciation, fun or entertainment only. While films such as displaying a negative attitude misconduct, rape, bullying, assault, prostitution and extortion can influence adolescent attitudes and display bad manners in the learning process. Subtle effect will diffuse into them without realizing because many teenagers learn through observation.

5. Government
Relaxation of certain law enforcement factors contribute little discipline problems. Body nearly and closely related to student discipline is the Ministry of Education, State Education Department and the District Education Office. The issue of discipline punish students convicted increasingly becoming complex, when the family interfering in the internal affairs of school students. Parents are willing to sue the school and the government being too emotional and sensitive to their children punished despite guidelines were enacted. The government has taken measures or best approach to not make things worse between the family and the school students. Only senior assistant headmasters and teachers discipline only students who can spank or discipline punishment for offenses. Other teachers allowed to act on their own without permission from the administration. Causes relaxation of these rules set by the ministry of the teachers do not students should care and do not be afraid to face the problem if the regular teacher's face.

6. Peer
Sociologists termed as peer groups or groups of children teenagers who have the same age (Hazil Abdul Hamid: 1990; 89). Group of friends this age have a role in social activities. It is an Informal agencies that provide experience that can not be obtained from the family and in school. For the students, friends age is where they pour the problem and substitute parents, especially for the who have problems at home. Here clear when a students interact with friends, they prefer to choose friends who, have a basic knowledge and reasoning that is equivalent to them, as termed by psychologists as equal Pieget footing (Ismail Zain: 1997). Through their peer more courageous act because the they consist of more than two people. Tan Toh Wah (1995) conducted a study in which peer influence is strong to give impact on the personal development of students. Study approach made him an opportunity on groups of teenagers and young people who found strolling KOMTAR shopping mall, the fun expressing their views dangan friends, relax and play video games together with other peers.

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