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Topics: Pet, Typeface, Dog Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Name:Sarah NguyenDate: 3/22/13 Pd.: 4
Podcast Level: IntermediateNo.: 13Title: Las Mascotas
Spanish 3 Reflection Rubric

Criteria for Evaluation | 0 pts. | .5 pts. | 1 pt. | Total Points | Format: -12 pt. Helvetica [Arial] font -double-spaced -complete heading -two paragraphs min. | Reflection contained few, if any, of the required elements. | Reflection contained some of the required elements. | Reflection contained [almost] all of the required elements. | | Mechanics: -spelling/grammar -organization -Spanish in italics | Frequent errors in spelling/grammar, organizing ideas; rare use of italics. | Occasional errors in spelling/grammar, organizing ideas; uneven use of italics. | Few or no errors in spelling/grammar, organizing of ideas; good use of italics. | | Content: -review/summary vs. reflection -length | Too much time summarizing/review-ing. Little/no reflection. Short. | Sizable summary/ review, but some reflection evident. Length inadequate. | Truly a reflection on/ response to the article. Appropriate length. | | Quality [x2]: -analysis -synthesis -evaluation | Reflection is shallow, poorly-reasoned, rambling. | Reflection is adequate. Some attempt made to make inferences, draw conclusions. | Reflection insightful, makes inferences & interpretations, draws conclusions. | | | | | Total Points | /5 |

In this podcast, it is New Years. Ben and Marina talk about las mascotas, pets. They talk about domestic pets, such as cats and dogs, that they've had. She and Ben now have a new dog, Leika. It is caring, lovely and pretty. Marina also had a hamster but does not remember much about it. Her grandma also had chickens. Ben had dogs, fish, cats, roosters and guinea pigs. They also made animal noises and compared the difference between American and Spanish animal sounds. Dogs are the most popular animals...
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