Topics: Laborer, Management, Occupational safety and health Pages: 12 (692 words) Published: January 12, 2015
Description of the Business
D’s fitness facility is a sole proprietorship which provides a state of the art fitness centre and it provides spinning and aerobic classes. Nutritional consultation and child care services are also available for those who wish to have a membership.

Justification of location
D’s fitness centre is located at #4 Henry Street, Montrose, Arima, Trinidad. The location was chosen because of the easy access to transportation, due to the fact that the area chosen is safe and secure and because of the high population there.

Selection of appropriate labour
My business requires skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labourers. At D’s Fitness we have 8 employees. There are: 2 Fitness bar cashiers for serving the members of the gym health foods 3 Gym instructors used to encourage and motivate the clients of the gym 2 Day-care babysitter are used to care for one’s child while they workout 1 Cleaner needed for when the work day is over

These types of labour are necessary because a wide range of workers are needed in many different areas for the complete running of the business. Skilled labour is required because the business needs professional workers who know what they are doing in the specified areas and to ensure that no injuries occur to any of the members. Semiskilled labour is needed because it is necessary to have people to care for the children of the members of the gym. Unskilled labour is used because no skill is required to complete the tasks required to be done.

Sources of Fixed and Working Capital
My fixed capital was a loan obtained from the Republic Bank Limited. It was used to purchase equipment needed for the gym. Items such as dumbbells, weights, barbells, spin bikes and treadmills. My working capital was obtained from my personal savings. I bought fruits and drinks for the fitness bar and other items such as foot gear, gloves and hydration packs.

Role of Entrepreneur
An entrepreneur is one who manages or operates a business. His/her role would lead the business with quality characteristics such as being a risk taker, having creative skill and must be able to solve problems that may arise. An entrepreneur should also be the driving force of the business. The functions of the entrepreneur are:

Accessing Funds- Raising the capital needed to start the business Planning – setting out a series of practical steps needed to bring the business concept to reality. Organizing – organizing people, funds and equipment to put the business plan into operation. Types of Production

This business is a tertiary or services industry. It is a service providing industry with an environment in which we provide the things the clients need to achieve their goals. Level of Production

This Business operates at the domestic level of production. It provides a service for anyone who wishes to attend a gym to manage their health and goals of being fit.

Quality Control Measures
Two quality control measures that my business adheres to are; Inspection – The entrepreneur will be directly responsible for the inspection of all machinery and equipment used both before and after usage to ensure all safety precautions are taken. Training – Training courses will be provided for all new employees, to ensure that they are well aware of the processions with the running of a smooth business.

Use of Technology
Two types of technology used in my business are
Computerized Scanners – These enhance the efficiency of my business by making it easier for the members to sign in and out of my business. It is also more secure. Software Technology – These enhance the efficiency of my business by providing an online sign up service, there are also online training sessions for those who wish to exercise at home.

Potential for Growth
Government Regulation
Workplace safety and health: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have many outreach programs in place to help small business owners...
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