Plot segmentation, scene breakdown and critical Analysis of Run Lola Run

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Plot Segmentation
1. Gargoyle Clock
2. Crowd
a. Blurry shuffle, the characters are in focus.
3. Animation: Lola Running
4. Lola’s Apartment
a. Phone Call, split screen Lola on the and Manni in phonebooth
b. Black & White recall of events during phone conversation
i. Store for cigarettes, moped gets stolen ii. Taxi goes to wrong street can’t get Manni iii. Manni doing job iv. Manni walking
v. Subway vi. Bum vii. Manni runs forgets money bag viii. Ronnie’s going to kill me ix. Lola’s glass shattering scream
5. Lola Spinning
6. Living Room
a. Lola’s mom
b. Animated Lola on tv , she’s in the stairwell
7. Street
a. Lola running
8. Papa’s Office
a. Discussion between him and his mistress
9. Street
a. Lola running
b. Guy on Bike- peek into future he marries waitress he’ll meet moments later
c. Woman Pushing baby- bad future
10. Accident near bank
a. Confrontation
11. Manni Phone booth
a. Blind woman that lent Manni a phone card
12. Street
a. Lola runs past bum
13. Papa’s office
a. Lola comes in.
b. Lola’s glass shattering scream
c. Escorted out as she’s being denied by father.
14. Outside Bank (“papa’s” building)
a. Talks to security guard
b. Lola starts running again
15. Manni in Phonebooth
16. Emergency Vehicle on Street
a. Lola talks to driver as she runs alongside it.
17. Outside Bolle/ Lola running
a. Manni holds it up
b. Lola at Bolle window.
c. Lola starts helping Manni rob Bolle
18. Street
a. Lola and Manni attempt to run.
b. Cornered by police
c. Lola is shot fatally
19. Lola flashback
a. Her and Manni in bed.
20. Lola’s phone falling back onto the hook
a. Lola’s Mom in living room
21. Animated Stairwell
a. Lola falls
22. Street
a. Lola running
b. Bumps woman with baby-accompanied by a peek into her future, lotto winner
c. Guy on bike- peek into guys future, he’s homeless.
d. Manni phone booth
e. Lola causes accident
f. Bumps into bum
23. Papa’s office
a. Lola comes in, interrupting argument.

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